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Western States Motel [Feature Band]

The Western States Motel

Written by Fense

I want to say I’ve heard about The Western States Motel, but I cannot recall with any certainty whether that’s true or not. If I have heard of them prior to receiving their Painted Birds Flying In The Orange Mirror Sun EP in the mail, I can say that I haven’t heard their music before. But, listening to “Stampede” now through my headphones, it’s immediately apparent that I like what I’m hearing. Read More »Western States Motel [Feature Band]

The Republic Tigers [Feature Band]

The Republic Tigers

Written by Fense

It wasn’t all that long ago that I first listened to and subsequently covered The Republic Tigers. Their video for “Buildings And Mountains” caught my eye — and my ears — and I was hooked. Looking back, it seems so close, but so much has happened since August 8, the day that feature went live. I feel like the “Buildings And Mountains” title is an adequate analogy for my current situation. Humor me… Read More »The Republic Tigers [Feature Band]

The Bellfuries Band

The Bellfuries [Feature Band]

Written by Fense

Not too long ago–more specifically, earlier this year–I wrote that The Explorers Club release Freedom Wind could have been the record The Beach Boys released after Pet Sounds. While that statement is a bit of a stretch, as few titles can live up to the Pet Sounds name, all the press on The Bellfuries seem to dub Palmyra with a similar, Beach Boys-y label.

Read More »The Bellfuries [Feature Band]
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