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The Bellfuries [Feature Band]

The Bellfuries Band

Written by Fense

Not too long ago–more specifically, earlier this year–I wrote that The Explorers Club release Freedom Wind could have been the record The Beach Boys released after Pet Sounds. While that statement is a bit of a stretch, as few titles can live up to the Pet Sounds name, all the press on The Bellfuries seem to dub Palmyra with a similar, Beach Boys-y label.

I disagree. Freedom Wind is quite a bit more… well… fresh. Despite its old sound, there are moments where it feels quite new. Palmyra, The Bellfuries latest, on the other hand, does not. And that’s a trait The Beach Boys always seemed to encompass–especially circa Pet Sounds. Sure Palmyra has that lovable indie pop sound bands from the 80s on to present like to indulge in when they list The Beach Boys as a major influence, but it simply does not sound new.

Of course, that’s not always a bad thing. There’s plenty here to enjoy. It’s just not as insightful nor as inspiring as The Explorers Club. So it’s no surprise that The Bellfuries are at their best when they sound “most” like The Beach Boys–and the key songs are midpoint “Cheerleader” and “Into The Arms Of My Baby”. Both are brilliant.

But the one available for posting is “Give It, Get It”, a song that isn’t necessarily moving pop forward, but is a pretty damn decent pop song nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “The Bellfuries [Feature Band]”

  1. F.Y.I. we never cited the Beach Boys as an influence,nor did we invite any comparisons. Funny how every review in every blog or magazine these days has to compare every band to some other band that existed before them. Being musicians , we of course must learn to accept criticism of all kinds,and we certainly appreciate the attention we receive . I’d honestly like to know what songs you felt we were shooting for a “Pet Sounds” sound on? If our music seems as lazy as your journalism, perhaps we all need to find a better hobby. Cheers anyway.

  2. There is a lot of meaning in language. The meaning behind a statement can often be interpreted in an entirely different way than its intended purpose. Reading carefully what I had written, I did not say you were influenced by The Beach Boys — I said you have the sound of bands who list them as a major influence. I can definitely see how this statement may have come across as otherwise, and for that I apologize.

    I also did not say your music sounds like Pet Sounds — here, I was referencing other reviews and coverage. And, I disagreed with it. However, the songs I list in paragraph three do sound slightly like The Beach Boys, and I noted that it was a trait I really liked in those particular songs; songs I felt were the strongest on the album.

    As for lazy journalism… well, I guess even music bloggers must learn to take criticism. Thanks for your comment!


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