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Andy from FensePost Shares Curated Recommendations

Hey there, music lovers and vinyl collectors! My name is Andy Fenstermaker, and I’m the owner and primary content creator here at FensePost. I’m an incredibly passionate music enthusiast who loves introducing people to their next favorite band.

I’ve been writing about music here on FensePost since 2006 and have been actively collecting vinyl since the late 90s. Music is my life, and I’ve made it my mission to share my love of music with the world.

I believe that music has the power to bring people together and connect us in ways that nothing else can. That’s why I love connecting people to music they’ve never heard before.

By signing up for my occasional emails (about 3-4 emails per month after the initial daily 5-email “welcome” series that goes deep into some of my history with music), you’ll get a roundup of new posts on FensePost, spotlights of posts from the past, and hand-selected vinyl picks based on a spotlight album or artist.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting to explore the world of music, I hope my emails will help you discover new artists and expand your musical horizons with great music, great stories, and cool vinyl. So why not join me on this musical journey and discover new music today?

hand-picked vinyl recommendations

My Big WHY

I was at a restaurant the other day, talking about business and passion with a dear friend. We were discussing our big WHY — those inherent values within us that are the basis of what drives us forward — and the word that came to mind was Advocate.

You see, I’ve never felt comfortable with calling myself a Music Critic. Expand that word slightly and you get criticism. There’s a negative connotation to that word that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Looking back over nearly 20 years of writing about music, the word that comes to mind is champion. I like to champion the artists I love. This is where my value word comes in — my big WHY — ADVOCATE.

I’m an advocate for the artists I love and advocate for collecting vinyl. I’m an advocate for supporting the independent artists and small labels that bring us amazing new music every single day. And not just new music — stuff that’s been around forever.

I love to tell their stories, tell my stories, and connect the dots between how something seemingly so simple led to a big transformative event that sparked a movement within music or went on to influence countless artists from that point on.

That’s what I want to share with you.

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