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Western States Motel [Feature Band]

The Western States Motel

Written by Fense

I want to say I’ve heard about The Western States Motel, but I cannot recall with any certainty whether that’s true or not. If I have heard of them prior to receiving their Painted Birds Flying In The Orange Mirror Sun EP in the mail, I can say that I haven’t heard their music before. But, listening to “Stampede” now through my headphones, it’s immediately apparent that I like what I’m hearing.

The Western States Motel is a generic blend of folk, pop, and rock; there’s little new or innovative here. That, of course, doesn’t really mean much, other than the fact that if you dig such music, you’ll likely dig this. And if you’re looking for something a bit more out there, you probably won’t.

While the generic element can be a bit unexciting at times, there are plenty of moments in each song that are intriguing. That alone is enough to warrant at least one listen. Go ahead… try it out.

The Western States Motel: Oh World [mp3]
[audio:1105_the_western_states_motel_-_oh_world.mp3|titles=Oh World|artists=The Western States Hotel]

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