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Pallers [Feature Band]


Written by Fense

Each time a new band appears on Labrador Records, I take note. The latest to join the collective is Pallers, an electronic duo out of Stockholm. Pallers follows the current trend of Labrador; with several of their recent releases, the label has been moving away from indie pop and into electronica.

Sure, Labrador still releases great indie pop by artists like Club 8 and Pelle Carlberg. But they’re also pumping out great work by The Legends and The Radio Dept. — these bands encompass both, but Pallers is full-on electronica. The first Pallers release will be a 12-inch single, featuring their hit song “Humdrum” and a few bonus remixes of the song.

Pallers’ music is distinctly European. Their form of electronica is very much based in trance. In most trance, you can hear traces of early German electronica that dates back several decades, but like much of trance, the sound is a bit more modern (though some of that early electronic music still sounds modern today). “Humdrum” features depressing lyrics and emotive beats, just what you’d expect from a great up-and-coming electronic band hailing from Sweden.

Pallers: Humdrum [mp3]

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