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The Republic Tigers [Feature Band]

The Republic Tigers

Written by Fense

It wasn’t all that long ago that I first listened to and subsequently covered The Republic Tigers. Their video for “Buildings And Mountains” caught my eye — and my ears — and I was hooked. Looking back, it seems so close, but so much has happened since August 8, the day that feature went live. I feel like the “Buildings And Mountains” title is an adequate analogy for my current situation. Humor me…

I’m now working in a new location, which requires me to live near the job. As this new gig is roughly an hour and a half from my Seattle home, I am renting a room in a small town called Edison, WA during the week. Seattle would be the buildings part of the analogy and Edison, of course, would be the mountains.

I now have The Republic Tigers’ album in hand. That album is titled Keep Color, and it is quite wonderful. But this isn’t an album review — it’s a feature. And the reason I’m writing about The Republic Tigers is because one of my favorite sites has covered them. That site is Daytrotter and you can check out their fresh, free songs here, including alternate versions of “Fight Song” and “Buildings And Mountains”.

Of course, I cannot leave you without a download either. I’ve included “Fight Song” for your enjoyment.

The Republic Tigers: Fight Song [mp3]
[audio:1031_the_republic_tigers_-_fight_song.mp3|titles=Fight Song|artists=The Republic Tigers]

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