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Ormonde: Machine [Album Review]

Anna-Lynne Williams and Robert Gomez, the illustrious duo that is Ormonde, have been invading my private spectrum for quite a while now. Several years ago, and old high school chum (more of a friend of a friend type) took up drumming duties for a little band I had sort of heard of before known as Trespassers William. He was essentially dropped from the group before I even knew it. Shortly after, or maybe in between, I was watching one of my favorite films of all time, A Love Song For Bobby Long, and I happened to recognize a precious voice (Anna-Lynne of Trespassers William) that still haunts me with joy when I hear it while Scarlett Johansson does her reading at a bus depot. The story continues.

Read More »Ormonde: Machine [Album Review]

Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits Live at Backspace [04.07.12]

Bobby Joe Ebola live in Portland

In almost any other city in the world, the crowd at Backspace may have been considered….to say the least, a bit odd.  Angel headed hipsters all decked out in their finest flannel shirts and skinny jeans, and fueled by the spirit in which the Goofpunx Festival provides annually (and maybe a few cans of PBR).  But, this is Portland.  A city that has taken the right ideas of absurdity and artistic reality from the likes of Greenwich Village and/or San Francisco to a whole new bizarro type of direction.  And for fans of punk and/or enlightening freaked out music, there couldn’t be a far more perfect way to spend and evening with the legendary group we all know and love, Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits. Read More »Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits Live at Backspace [04.07.12]

Flying Spiders: Live at Zola [01.21.12]

Flying Spiders Live in Spokane

Long gone are the days when hip hop music was simply about how flashy your car is or how great blood diamonds look around your neck.  Nowadays it is more important to have a good head on your shoulders, a great rhythm, and maybe even a live full 8 piece live band?  And  here in the heartland of the Northwest, there happens to be a fabulous group who has all of these elements and so much more.  There are known as Flying Spiders.  And they are everything an indie music lover could want in a hip hop act. Read More »Flying Spiders: Live at Zola [01.21.12]

Turf War: Years of Living Dangerously (Album Review)

I love straight up rock and roll.  Well, not just rock and roll, but the dirty kind!  You know the type.  The kind of group that harmonizes as well as the Velvet Underground, yet springs and bangs across a soundboard like Sonic Youth.  Whenever this type of blend happens, you are sure to find something beautiful.  Thankfully, this specifically happens on the debut album from Augusta’s Turf War. Read More »Turf War: Years of Living Dangerously (Album Review)

Thom Carter: Strange Dreams (Album Review)

He’s been known by many names over the years.  For avid FensePost readers, Menhirs of Er Grah will probably ring a bell.  For avid Thom Carter followers, March Rosetta, Black Crown, Minimal States, Needleleaf, and a few more names might seem a bit more recognizable.  But, now, we have Mr. Carter directly in the flesh. With his most personal record yet, we find the rocket man who has hidden behind several different names over the years, spread out with a naked soul on his debut album under his own name. Strange Dreams is a perfect love letter for a career that has contained nothing short of a collection of musical displays of amazing ambiguity and “souvenirs and cigarettes” (as the man quotes) of one of the hardest working men creating amazing music today. Read More »Thom Carter: Strange Dreams (Album Review)

Portugal. The Man: So American (Video)

Portugal. The Man

Nothing says America like Corona bottle juggling and swigs of Maker’s Mark being taken directly from the bottle.  Trips to the beach, poorly trimmed beards, and an overall don’t-give-a-damn attitude, mixed with a wonderment for what the morrow might bring.  Yep, these subjects can pretty much sum up the feeling of ease we Americans sometimes unjustly feel.  The fact that they also happen to be the subject matter for Portugal. The Man‘s latest video “So American” are not coincidental.  They are as intentional as war strikes and peace signs.  Once again, these Alaskan bred warriors bring a visual demonstration that perfectly compliments the power of their music. Read More »Portugal. The Man: So American (Video)

The Dustbowl Revival: Holy Ghost Station (Album Review)

Pour out some sweat tea, fire up the banjo, warm up the rocking chair, and get ready for some good old fashioned Americana rock that will easily set your soul aglow and leave you with aspirations towards shucking and diving as The Dustbowl Revival serenade you with some of the most perfect blend of blues, jazz, and pure down home American fun. Read More »The Dustbowl Revival: Holy Ghost Station (Album Review)

Anja McCloskey: And Her Head (Video)

What better way to visually express the beauty of Anja McCloskey‘s exquisite vocals and accordion based folk music than through interpretive dance, right?  And better yet, how about a setting that is reminiscent of any one of the Twilight movies, but make it far more interesting and relevant (to anything really).  Then throw in some random blood-smeared faces.  And while the situation is obviously a bit dark and partially morbid, the obvious beauty of Anja’s voice can not be masked. Read More »Anja McCloskey: And Her Head (Video)

Robin Grey: The Nearest Door (Album Review)

London’s finest breath of fresh air has returned to us once again.  And on his third outing, The Nearest Door, the lovely Robin Grey gets even more personal than we have heard in the past.  He has many a tale and lament to tell and confess.  With his distinctively English vocals, and beautiful interpretations of earth, sea, and love, this folk hero soars to his greatest heights even succeeding beyond his sophomore release Strangers With Shoes.  Which I will admit, seemed to be impossible. Read More »Robin Grey: The Nearest Door (Album Review)

Beneath Wind and Waves: Non-etre (Album Review)

Let’s just get this out of the way right now, if you ever use the line “you’re the sugar to my tea”, you should be getting laid.  Portland based singer/songwriter Shawn Lawson Freeman definitely knows this.  And when you sing and play guitar in the fashion of Sting or Justin Nozuka, yet have a real depth to your style that comes off more like Neil Young or a happy-go-lucky Elliott Smith, you may have created a “winning” combination.  And on Freeman’s latest project under the surfer friendly pseudonym, Beneath Wind and Waves, we find a master of simplicity moving in a direction that is both sea bound and earth friendly. Read More »Beneath Wind and Waves: Non-etre (Album Review)

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