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Flying Spiders: Live at Zola [01.21.12]

Flying Spiders Live in Spokane

Long gone are the days when hip hop music was simply about how flashy your car is or how great blood diamonds look around your neck.  Nowadays it is more important to have a good head on your shoulders, a great rhythm, and maybe even a live full 8 piece live band?  And  here in the heartland of the Northwest, there happens to be a fabulous group who has all of these elements and so much more.  There are known as Flying Spiders.  And they are everything an indie music lover could want in a hip hop act.

The Lilac City has been known for an off again, and….well, mostly off the majority of the time.  Many great groups have formed here, and flocked west with the best of intentions.  So imagine how strange it is to know that one of the finest organic hip hop groups is in Spokane.  Front man Isamu Jordan and his 7 merry musicians have created an amazing jazz infused styling that lives and breathes the fresh dry air of Eastern Washington.  The crown jewel of the east if you will.  Their 2011 debut EP, The Doppleganger (Villaging Trio Pt. 1) made quite a splash regionally as well as across the lands.  Flying Spiders have earned the right to be placed among the ranks of some of the current favorite acts spanning from the likes of Seattle (i.e.  Sadistik, Bodi, Grynch, & more) and Minneapolis (a whole bunch of ’em).  But, as wonderful as tracks such as “Maintain” and “Fadism” are when heard in your broke down Nissan, it is upon the an elevated platformed stage where these jewels of the east truly shine.

Yes, Isamu and company are a class act that would fit into any region in the world.  But, they are at their best in their homeland.  And even more specifically, they are a sight to see at Spokane’s favorite hipster dive known as Zola.  With it’s industrial like atmosphere, and masons jars flowing with PBR, there is no better place to see one of the most eccentric musical acts around today.  Their vibrant and energetic live performance will make you move in ways you probably never thought you could.  Or at least pull you out of a well-whiskey induced coma to feel something positive for a few minutes.  As Isamu spits, and the band roars upon a cramped stage, the whole world belongs to them, and what do they decide to do with it?  Well, they want to give it to you.  And with every waking minute these tremendous showman are up there in front of you, they do just that.

Listen: “Fadism” by Flying Spiders
[audio:120201-flying-spiders-fadism.mp3|titles=Fadism|artists=Flying Spiders]

Listen: “Maintain” by Flying Spiders
[audio:120201-flying-spiders-maintain.mp3|titles=Maintain|artists=Flying Spiders]

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