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Live reviews and recaps from around the globe, but typically focused around artists visiting the Pacific Northwest. These posts occasionally include original concert photography.

Built to Spill Live in Dallas

Built to Spill | Live at Granada Theater | Dallas, TX | April 6, 2023

I’ve covered Built to Spill quite a bit of late here on FensePost as I’ve started working through reviewing and even unboxing everything in my collection. As I have most albums by Built to Spill and quite a few of their singles as well, that coverage will continue for some time. But today I’m going to stray from my normal vinyl coverage to document their live performance last night at Granada Theater in Dallas.

Read More »Built to Spill | Live at Granada Theater | Dallas, TX | April 6, 2023
Jacco Gardner

Jacco Gardner Visits the Northwest is Support of “Cabinet of Curiosities”

Jacco Gardner

Channeling a mid- to late-era rendition of The Beatles, at least in the closing track (“The Ballad of Little Jane”) off his recent LP Cabinet of Curiosities, Jacco Gardner‘s music has most frequently been alluded to as a modern rendition of 1960s psychedelia. I’d agree; it’s what drew me to “The Ballad of Little Jane” back in February. Next month, Gardner will grace the West Coast, hitting all the normal hotspots. Read More »Jacco Gardner Visits the Northwest is Support of “Cabinet of Curiosities”

Ty Segall

Ty Segall Sleeper Album Review + Pacific Northwest Show Dates

Ty Segall

In 2000, my grandfather on my dad’s side passed away. That year was a rough one: lowest GPA of my college career, switching majors to the massive dismay of my parents, a coming to terms with mortality and both who I am as a person and who I want to be. This sort of upheaval is common; still, it was rough, to say the least. As unpleasant as it was to experience, it seems like we all go through such phases, typically brought on by one, if not multiple, major life events. I imagine Ty Segall was going through many tumultuous experiences like these during his writing and recording of Sleeper. Read More »Ty Segall Sleeper Album Review + Pacific Northwest Show Dates

Tom Eddy

May 31st at The Tractor Tavern: Tom Eddy, Heatwarmer, and Pollens

  • Ana Lete 

Tom Eddy

The Tractor Tavern is in for a night of Indie Blues-driven Folk on Friday, May 31st. Seattle native, Tom Eddy (also Beat Connection vocalist), is playing along with openers Heatwarmer and Pollens. “Tractor booker Greg Garcia offered me the opportunity to put together a bill of my choosing.  In my humble opinion, the resulting bill showcases some of the most amazing bands/musicians in Seattle,” Eddy stated. Read More »May 31st at The Tractor Tavern: Tom Eddy, Heatwarmer, and Pollens

Mount Eerie Woods

Mount Eerie: Live at The Heart of Anacortes

Secretly, I was hoping Mount Eerie would play “Lost Wisdom” of their 2009 album Wind’s Poem. But given the release of two stellar new albums, Clear Moon a short few months ago and then Ocean Roar just last week, I knew the chances were slim. Besides, within the two new releases are plenty of new greats to look forward to. I was lucky enough to catch Phil Elverum, the mastermind behind Mount Eerie (formerly known as Microphones) perform at The Heart of Anacortes last weekend.

Read More »Mount Eerie: Live at The Heart of Anacortes

Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits Live at Backspace [04.07.12]

Bobby Joe Ebola live in Portland

In almost any other city in the world, the crowd at Backspace may have been considered….to say the least, a bit odd.  Angel headed hipsters all decked out in their finest flannel shirts and skinny jeans, and fueled by the spirit in which the Goofpunx Festival provides annually (and maybe a few cans of PBR).  But, this is Portland.  A city that has taken the right ideas of absurdity and artistic reality from the likes of Greenwich Village and/or San Francisco to a whole new bizarro type of direction.  And for fans of punk and/or enlightening freaked out music, there couldn’t be a far more perfect way to spend and evening with the legendary group we all know and love, Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits. Read More »Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits Live at Backspace [04.07.12]

Flying Spiders: Live at Zola [01.21.12]

Flying Spiders Live in Spokane

Long gone are the days when hip hop music was simply about how flashy your car is or how great blood diamonds look around your neck.  Nowadays it is more important to have a good head on your shoulders, a great rhythm, and maybe even a live full 8 piece live band?  And  here in the heartland of the Northwest, there happens to be a fabulous group who has all of these elements and so much more.  There are known as Flying Spiders.  And they are everything an indie music lover could want in a hip hop act. Read More »Flying Spiders: Live at Zola [01.21.12]

Strength Live at Elkfest 2011


The stars seemed to align in the 120 year old neighborhood of Brownes Addition in the fair city of Spokane. We had downright miserable weather just a few days prior, but with the 5th Annual Elkfest well underway, it was bright, shining, and thunderous with activity as the big night came upon the thousands of locals who would flock to the neighborhood known for it’s classic homes turned into kitchenette apartments and friendly bungalows. Read More »Strength Live at Elkfest 2011

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