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Eternal Summers: Live in Pullman, WA


Living amidst the wheat fields in eastern WA has reminded me lately of how well small towns can be suited to particular things. Locally grown food, irresistible coffee shops, and most importantly the glory of house-shows. The independent music spectrum lends itself well to the intimacy of a house-show performance.

Though the size and sound of the band are a huge factor in the quality of a house-show, the more artists I see play in this kind of setting the more I prefer hearing live music in such a way. Just this week I was fortunate enough to see Eternal Summers play a house-show, quite honestly one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time.

There is something irreverently celebratory about the music Eternal Summers creates. Crawling with lo-fi goodness the Virginia based band’s sound explodes with spirit and intrigue. They’ve taken the best of beach-rock melodies and supercharged them with the dirtiest (& most delicious) of dream- punk frivolity. Their songs will make you want to dance.

Check out their blog for more sights and sounds, order their music on vinyl (I promise you will not regret it) and do anything you can to hear them play live.

Listen: “Pogo” by Eternal Summers
[audio:110528-eternal-summers-pogo.mp3|titles=Pogo|artists=Eternal Summers]

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