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Lightouts [Feature]

  • Cyndi 


Brooklyn based Lightouts are Greg Nelson and Gavin Rhodes. The duo creates thick and fully developed rock music pulsing with electric guitar solos and clean, rolling harmonies. Progressive and balanced, the band’s sound is reminiscent of 90’s alt rock and 70’s glam rock dance halls; their music just makes you feel good. These guys have a true gift for musicianship, structure, and layering; they know what they’re doing and they do it well. Frivolous, motivated, tightly focused and refreshingly energetic, Lightouts are a welcomed cure for winter blues. Read More »Lightouts [Feature]

Mister Suit [Feature]

  • Cyndi 


As wintertime gives way to the warmer days of spring and summer I find myself craving music reflective of the change of seasons. I want to hear upbeat, energetic, light-hearted songs. Thankfully there’s the music of Garret Jones. Working under the moniker of Mister Suit, Jones creates music that just exudes sunshine. A little bit retro and deliciously uncomplicated, Mister Suit’s tracks are the perfect pick-me up. Read More »Mister Suit [Feature]

Duchess Leo: Golden Gray [Album Review]

  • Cyndi 


It’s not too often an album hooks me in the first 15 seconds of the opening track. New York duo Duchess Leo (Daniel Ryan and Todd Buchler) has managed to do so however. Heavy and loose, stable and whimsical, clean and a little bit hazy their debut album Golden Gray is tightly woven music with just the right amount of contrasts. The opening song “Your Sweet Love” sets us up for a mix of sounds including ambient washes, lo-fi vocals and reverb, even a taste of early 90’s grunge. Read More »Duchess Leo: Golden Gray [Album Review]

Yellow Ostrich: The Mistress [Album Review]

  • Cyndi 


Yellow Ostrich create brilliantly peculiar songs. Their latest album, The Mistress, is a delicious mixture of refreshing sound oddities. Listening to their work is like taking a trip on Willy Wonka’s wild boat ride, only less frightening. Clever lyrical themes and a clean composition make their music whimsical yet unpretentious. These guys know how to weave an element of surprise into their work offering an ideal album for our intermediary pre-spring days. The songs generate an unavoidable lightness in demeanor; they just feel good and are sheer fun to hear. Perhaps most striking is how smoothly the vocals are layered while blending with unexpected instrumental structure and chord progression. Read More »Yellow Ostrich: The Mistress [Album Review]

Happy Valley [Feature]

  • Cyndi 


I have no idea how many hours of my life are spent swimming through music land listening to bits and pieces of various things only occasionally finding anything worth remembering. Even worse is once something incredible is actually found the journey there is rarely if ever remembered. Happy Valley is a perfect example. Yeah sure bandcamp is a fairly surface level exposition of music but there remains little to no information about the majority of its artists. All I can definitively say about the songs of Happy Valley is: they’re intoxicating. I have no idea how I found them but every part of me this thankful I did. All together pervasive and pulsing these songs just feel good. The intricately-textured instrumentals with muffled-vocals sound seems to be everywhere these days producing good, bad and even mediocre songs. Happy Valley feels to be in its own category of pure, reflective escapism. Simply mesmerizing. Read More »Happy Valley [Feature]

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