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White Wishes: Today [Album Review]


Berlin based band White Wishes have created some smooth songs; tunes that feel good and flow effortlessly. Their 4-track E.P. Today (via Shelflife records) is a delicious listen from beginning to end, full of irresistible hooks, hazy vocals, and clean instrumentals. Pulsing and progressive, these guys have balanced that tricky line between loose and focused.

Though the band started out as collaboration between Nikita Pavlov and Andrew Knox, it is currently the solo act for Nikita. In his words the Today E.P. is “about love that is far away from you, waiting for something uncertain, waiting in general, being afraid of one’s future, fighting with all of that and growing up as a person.”

What is perhaps most appealing about their work is their ability to capture the faded, distant style of the shoegaze genre without a lessening of accessibility. We can easily connect with their music.

Though the two members aren’t presently working with one another rest assured they’re both still making great sounds. Stay on the lookout for more music from Nikita while checking in with Andrew’s current project here.

Download: “All I Would Do” by White Wishes
[audio:110117-white-wishes-all-i-would-do.mp3|titles=All I Would Do|artists=White Wishes]


Shelflife Records [Digital EP, 2010]

1. Happy And Afraid
2. Not Today
3. Drops
4. All I Would Do

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