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Yellow Ostrich: The Mistress [Album Review]


Yellow Ostrich create brilliantly peculiar songs. Their latest album, The Mistress, is a delicious mixture of refreshing sound oddities. Listening to their work is like taking a trip on Willy Wonka’s wild boat ride, only less frightening. Clever lyrical themes and a clean composition make their music whimsical yet unpretentious. These guys know how to weave an element of surprise into their work offering an ideal album for our intermediary pre-spring days. The songs generate an unavoidable lightness in demeanor; they just feel good and are sheer fun to hear. Perhaps most striking is how smoothly the vocals are layered while blending with unexpected instrumental structure and chord progression.

Check out Yellow Ostrich’s bandcamp to download The Mistress and be sure to check out their earlier work (specifically that irresistible Morgan Freeman E.P.). Above photo by Sarah Mulligan.

Download: “WHALE” by Yellow Ostrich
[audio:110204-yellow-ostrich-whale.mp3|titles=WHALE|artists=Yellow Ostrich]

Download: “Hahahaohhoho” by Yellow Ostrich
[audio:110204-yellow-ostrich-hahahaohhoho.mp3|titles=Hahahaohhoho|artists=Yellow Ostrich]


[Digital LP, 2010]

1. I Think U Are Great
3. Hate Me Soon
4. Hold On
5. Libraries
6. Hahahaohhoho
7. I’ll Run
8. Campaign
9. Mary
10. Slow Paddle

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