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Shiny And The Spoon: Ferris Wheel (Album Review)


You might remember a piece about folk artists Shiny and the Spoon we ran in April of last year. With more than a year having passed and a new autumn season upon us I am excited to once again have the opportunity to write about the duo’s latest album Ferris Wheel.

The two singers/songwriters, also called Amber and Jordan, have with this newest work achieved a fuller sound through the use of more instruments, a variance in vocal ranges and patterns, and a broader lyrical focus. While their previous album is perfect for softly spoken days, these new songs have a more progressive energy; for me at least instilling images of sun-brewed iced tea, wildflowers, and sweet, sticky air.

The ukulele works its same, soothing magic as it did on their first album only this time the two have paired it with deeper and richer rhythm lines providing for a balanced forward-shift in sound. The thirteen tracks offer a contrast in reception as while listening we feel we can move, stay still, or do both. Ferris Wheel, much like their previous self-titled album, offers traditional folk music in that it reminds us of a common purpose of the genre: to make one feel at home. Overall, Ferris Wheel is a brilliant continuation of the story the band started telling us in their album prior. Don’t miss out!

Download: “Ferris Wheel” by Shiny And The Spoon
[audio:110907-shiny-and-the-spoon-ferris-wheel.mp3|titles=Ferris Wheel|artists=Shiny And The Spoon]


[CD, 2011]

1. Snowflake
2. Round The Corners
3. Coriander Blues
4. Killin’ The Flowers
5. Black Nag
6. Ferris Wheel
7. Take On Me
8. Run
9. 13 Crates
10. Bread And Butter
11. I Hear Ghosts
12. No Hole In My Head
13. Blessing

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