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Happy Valley [Feature]


I have no idea how many hours of my life are spent swimming through music land listening to bits and pieces of various things only occasionally finding anything worth remembering. Even worse is once something incredible is actually found the journey there is rarely if ever remembered. Happy Valley is a perfect example. Yeah sure bandcamp is a fairly surface level exposition of music but there remains little to no information about the majority of its artists. All I can definitively say about the songs of Happy Valley is: they’re intoxicating. I have no idea how I found them but every part of me this thankful I did. All together pervasive and pulsing these songs just feel good. The intricately-textured instrumentals with muffled-vocals sound seems to be everywhere these days producing good, bad and even mediocre songs. Happy Valley feels to be in its own category of pure, reflective escapism. Simply mesmerizing.

Above photo by xiaming.

Download: “HAPPY VALLEY (&)” by Happy Valley
[audio:110124-happy-valley-&.mp3|titles=HAPPY VALLEY (&)|artists=Happy Valley]

Download: “I DIDN’T MEAN TO (&&)” by Happy Valley
[audio:110124-happy-valley-i-didnt-mean-to.mp3|titles=I DIDN’T MEAN TO (&&)|artists=Happy Valley]

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