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Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore Go Sing It On the Mountain [Feature]

  • Cyndi 

Daniel Martin Moore and Ben Sollee

“Something, Somewhere, Sometime” off Dear Companion, a shining collaboration between folk music masters Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore and Yim Yames, is an intoxicating song of sweetly pulsing and circular melodies. We feel something hopeful when hearing it; it’s been a long dark time of hurt and regret, of fear for saying the wrong thing and losing a person forever. Suddenly, a song becomes the only way in which to express the tumultuous feelings inside. Read More »Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore Go Sing It On the Mountain [Feature]

The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [mp3]

  • Cyndi 


Sometimes a song exudes sunshine. “Cranberry” by The Ruby Suns is one such a song. A frivolously feathered song of big band regality, singing sirens and all-together chaos, this new tune captures the noises our parents asked us to keep quiet when we were young. The antithetical mixing of simple synthesized backbeats and dripping vocals make for a somehow breezy explosion of rhythms. One could not help but feel better while and after listening to this song. Read More »The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [mp3]

Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More [Album Review]

  • Cyndi 


We’ve all been to these deep dark places before, places that leave us speechless and unending. We cannot move for the twisting pull within and around us, finding ourselves suctioned to whatever frightening mystery is calling our haunting aches to light. In these moments, the past and the future are equally daunting; we feel ourselves wanting the grace to simply exist as we are. Mumford And Sons create music capable of expressing just such a circumstance. Read More »Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More [Album Review]

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