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Strength Live at Elkfest 2011


The stars seemed to align in the 120 year old neighborhood of Brownes Addition in the fair city of Spokane. We had downright miserable weather just a few days prior, but with the 5th Annual Elkfest well underway, it was bright, shining, and thunderous with activity as the big night came upon the thousands of locals who would flock to the neighborhood known for it’s classic homes turned into kitchenette apartments and friendly bungalows. Read More »Strength Live at Elkfest 2011

Jared Mees & The Grown Children: Only Good Thoughts Can Stay (Album Review)


The merry men (and woman) are back! Jared Mees & The Grown Children somehow found time between touring the nation at an astonishing pace to record their fantastic new album, Only Good Thoughts Can Stay. It’s been almost three years since Jared and the gang shook the world with their acclaimed release Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money and they seem to have calmed a bit since. Their personalized brand of frenzied folk music has been shifted down a few RPM’s to create a less hectic sound. But, somehow, nothing is lost; a feat that should come as no surprise to the loyal fans who would follow Jared to Jonestown should he ask! Read More »Jared Mees & The Grown Children: Only Good Thoughts Can Stay (Album Review)

Lawrence & Leigh: Glow [Video]


For what could safely also be dubbed as “Chelsea Nights (Part Deux)”, Kristin Stokes and Andrew Kalleen, a.k.a. Lawrence & Leigh, stick to their guns and create a beautiful doo-wopped style dream-scape pop with their latest single and video simply entitled “Glow”. And in this case, familiarity is most definitely not a bad thing. Kalleen’s demanding yet gentle vocals exude a fine sense of precariously perfected pop perfection. And, as always, Stokes’s ability to fill a room with such sweet ambiance is ever present, and ever beautiful. Read More »Lawrence & Leigh: Glow [Video]

Magnuson: Crash of Cassini (Album Review)


The duo of Greg and Krysten Magnuson are fearless in calling themselves a prog rock band. But,they might be just a bit off the rocker on that one. Sure, they have a deserving “RIYL” nod towards Porcupine Tree and The Smiths. However, they are most definitely so much more. As they themselves would say, Magnuson tend to cram as much sound as two people possibly could into a song. And suffice it to say, they do it perfectly. With Flea-like bass lines, and thunderous drum beats backing an extremely solid and hard-hitting guitar strokes, Magnuson‘s Crash of Cassini is definitely in a class all it’s own.

Read More »Magnuson: Crash of Cassini (Album Review)

Roch: Lightweight Bipolar Mania [Album Review]


Hip Hop music has less than subtly switched gears from it’s former peddling of brassed out beats over rhythms that are either clever, vulgar, captivating, or all of the above. No, now days hip hop has been branded with a real artistic revolution, as well as some fine examples of diversity by adding elements of R&B, electronica, and even a bit of indie rock in the mix. And a stellar combination of all these elements can be found perfectly on Light Weight Bipolar Mania from the spectacular wordsmith and soul man known as Roch! Read More »Roch: Lightweight Bipolar Mania [Album Review]

97 Lovers

97 Lovers [Feature]

The lovely land in the United Kingdom known as Exeter has become a hot spot for lo-fi indie pop. It is also the home of the former cult favorite Thrilled Skinny, so the subtly beautiful melodies may not be the best branding of the area’s musical taste. Most recently, however, a little group has been kicking up dust in the whiskey stained carpets of the area’s new wave influenced punk scene. Introducing: 97 Lovers. Their style is straight from the early 80’s. But, their topical take on the current state of the world is so in the now!

Read More »97 Lovers [Feature]

Sergius Gregory: Sounds Like People [Album Review]


Somewhere deep in the forests of Homer, Alaska there must be some sort of euphoric yet catastrophic scenery. Knowing that Sergius Gregory recorded his debut album, Sounds Like People, in such desolate conditions actually brings much perspective to the organic and soothing sounds littered throughout the album. There seems to be a mixture of joy and pain that nobody but Sergius could truly explain; it has left a gaping hole in his work that allows us to make personal interpretations based on our own fears and emotions. What a swell gentleman you are Mr. Gregory! Read More »Sergius Gregory: Sounds Like People [Album Review]

The Cold Open Band

The Cold Open: Behind The Mattress [Album Review]

It has to be said, The Cold Open is very deceiving with its name alone. With a name like this, it would be fair to expect to hear a deep rooted hate machine turning songs that are loud and possibly obnoxious in their own right. But when you pop in Behind The Mattress, it is not a blast of high energy dad-hating that you hear. No, this is actually a batch of happy-go-lucky, songwriter-oriented pop songs that are reminiscent to the likes of The New Radicals. But be happy for this deception. It might actually be a perfect fitting bit of irony for these Twin City aristocrats.

Read More »The Cold Open: Behind The Mattress [Album Review]

Sergeant Sparrow Records [Label Spotlight]


If Sergeant Sparrow Records rings a bell to most of you avid FensePost readers, that may be because the work they have put out has been no stranger to our little world. The label’s owner/operator/lady in charge, Angel Russell, has been featured for her solo work (of which is absolutely phenomenal) and teammate Arman Augusto has been noted as well for his project The Walking. And if these posts still don’t ring a bell, that is a shame. But worry not ye weary ones, there is still time to save your indie soul. Read More »Sergeant Sparrow Records [Label Spotlight]

Derby: Madeline [mp3]


Derby has enjoyed a great bit of success since the release of Posters Fade in 2008. Their indie-pop style has been deemed just cool enough to have their single “If Ever There’s A Reason” featured on a couple of Ford Explorer commercials. It is no real surprise that this Portland-based trio has gained a great amount of mass appeal. They are just so damn lovable! Read More »Derby: Madeline [mp3]

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