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Lawrence & Leigh: Glow [Video]


For what could safely also be dubbed as “Chelsea Nights (Part Deux)”, Kristin Stokes and Andrew Kalleen, a.k.a. Lawrence & Leigh, stick to their guns and create a beautiful doo-wopped style dream-scape pop with their latest single and video simply entitled “Glow”. And in this case, familiarity is most definitely not a bad thing. Kalleen’s demanding yet gentle vocals exude a fine sense of precariously perfected pop perfection. And, as always, Stokes’s ability to fill a room with such sweet ambiance is ever present, and ever beautiful.

For the track’s video, Lawrence & Leigh compiled over 2,300 individual photos to create a stunning real life animation that fits the somber then spectacular sound-scape the song softly encompasses. The imagery is, for the lack of several better words, absolutely phenomenal!

But, nothing can really take away from Kristin and Andrew’s ability to create songs that demand every ounce of your attention once locked in. Lawrence & Leigh obviously have the power to do absolutely anything! “Glow” and it’s accompanying video is a welcome addition to the 3 E.P. stacked Odyssey collection, which concluded with Hills & Masts, released last March.

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