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Magnuson: Crash of Cassini (Album Review)


The duo of Greg and Krysten Magnuson are fearless in calling themselves a prog rock band. But,they might be just a bit off the rocker on that one. Sure, they have a deserving “RIYL” nod towards Porcupine Tree and The Smiths. However, they are most definitely so much more. As they themselves would say, Magnuson tend to cram as much sound as two people possibly could into a song. And suffice it to say, they do it perfectly. With Flea-like bass lines, and thunderous drum beats backing an extremely solid and hard-hitting guitar strokes, Magnuson‘s Crash of Cassini is definitely in a class all it’s own.

While some tracks on Crash of Cassini are almost desperately reminiscent of sounds you might have heard in an underground metal club in the early 80’s (which is not a bad thing really), there are moments within Magnuson’s set that simply make you feel alive, leading you to dance even the saddest of nights away. The opening track “Dark Reality” is simply an introduction to the mayhem that will surely ensue, but its a wonderful cut in its own right.

References to The Smiths are slightly verified in the tracks “Never Know” and “Vibration Girl”, but probably only for the die-hard Morrissey for President sort of fans. Magnuson might be more reminiscent of Porcupine Tree, but direct comparisons are not necessary. Except to acknowledge that this only two people making all this delightfully hardcore noise! And that in itself is damn impressive!

What is most impressive about Magnuson’s own brand of prog rock is the complete lack of pretentious strangeness that would be so fitting for an American band who is playing European-favored music. This tremendous duo gives off some powerful vibes that clearly show they love the music they create, and that Crash of Cassini is the work of two people who desperately want you to understand their passion and desire to produce heavy riffs fronted by downright frightening lyrics.

No matter what brand of rock Greg and Kyrsten might find them selves marketed for, there should be now doubt that they are one of the most exciting acts of this year and will surely be surprising and entertaining in the years to come.

Download: “Dark Reality” by Magnuson

Download: “Real Control” by Magnuson


Hopeless ReRun Music [CD, 2011]

1. Dark Reality
2. Real Control
3. Blame
4. Dying To See
5. Somewhere
6. Stars Collide
7. Let Me Go
8. The Scout
9. Never Know
10. Forevery Saturday
11. Fear & Deception
12. Vibration Girl
13. Here & Now
14. Strange Lights


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