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Jesse Dee [Feature Band]

Jesse Dee

Written by Fense

“Alright” opens with blaring trumpets and Jesse Dee’s soulful vocals. This continues for a full minute before opening up into something a bit wider—wider in that the instrumentation comes full circle with organs, back-up singers and a slew of classic influences that are readily apparent… Read More »Jesse Dee [Feature Band]

Delta Spirit [Feature Band]

Delta Spirit

Written by Fense

This feature warrants a introductory statement: For those of you who actually read, you’re in for a treat. In an effort to boost FensePost comments, I’m giving you a chance to get the Delta Spirit CD and a physical copy of Ragged Magazine. Leave your comment over the weekend or early next week and I’ll choose a winner on next Friday. Simply let me know what you think of the song “Trashcan”, included below. It can be well thought out, or simply an I love it! Read More »Delta Spirit [Feature Band]

The Legends [Feature Band]

The Legends by Henrik MÃ¥rtensson

One of my earliest forays into Swedish pop, which has come to dominate my musical obsession over the past few years, was my introduction to The Legends. The band consists of Johan Angergård, a key mastermind behind Acid House Kings and Club 8. Each new album by The Legends takes the band in a slightly new direction; with each release, the listener is treated to something completely new.

Read More »The Legends [Feature Band]

Darker My Love [Feature Band]

Darker My Love

I was initially confounded by Darker My Love (MySpace). Many songs off their sophomore release, aptly titled 2, have the indie pop sound, but the strength behind guitars is quite a bit heavier than your typical “indie pop” band. Then I thought, Well wouldn’t that mean the band fits Power Pop? Granted, power pop is a heavier sounding indie pop, but even that doesn’t fit. For one, there’s too much drone. Then there’s a hefty element of psychedelic rock, and massive traces of shoegaze. Read More »Darker My Love [Feature Band]

Murmansk [Feature Band]

Murmansk by Terhi Ylimainen

Written by Fense

“Chinese Locks”, the debut title-track by Murmansk (MySpace) opens with drone and feedback-filled guitars that last a full two minutes before any sort of rhythmic beat comes in. In a way, it sets the stage for what’s to come—Murmansk’s experimental style, female fronted rock. It’s a powerful and bold introductory statement that, in all actuality, works quite well. Read More »Murmansk [Feature Band]


Balún [Feature Band]

Today I present three features on bands introduced to me by a single compilation. The background: Last year, a little compilation pop label from Brazil sent me a lovely little collection of tunes, released as Porque Este Oceano Es El Tuyo, Es El Ma­o. Well, that label has done it again. Pero Ese Olor En El Cuarto Del Piano Fue El Primer Perfume Que Necesita En Su Vida is a pretty long name for an album, but it fits the concept.

Read More »Balún [Feature Band]
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