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Jesse Dee [Feature Band]

Jesse Dee

Written by Fense

“Alright” opens with blaring trumpets and Jesse Dee’s soulful vocals. This continues for a full minute before opening up into something a bit wider—wider in that the instrumentation comes full circle with organs, back-up singers and a slew of classic influences that are readily apparent…

Let’s see. There’s Etta James and Al Green, oh and a bit of Otis Redding. Maybe even some Amos Lee. And it’s also good to hear artists taking advantage of the full spectrum of instruments—“Alright” soon breaks into a Baritone Sax solo.

Listening to Dee, you want to think of Etta James and Nina Simone, but Dee is no middle-aged black woman. It’s a skinny white guy in a tailored black suit and pencil-thin tie. But damn does this boy have their sound; just listen to “Slow Down”.

Both songs can be found on Dee’s debut, Bittersweet Batch, out now on 7not Records.

Jesse Dee: Slow Down [mp3]
[audio:1015_jesse_dee_-_slow_down.mp3|titles=Slow Down|artists=Jesse Dee]

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