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Blitzen Trapper: Destroyer Of The Void [Album Review]

Blitzen Trapper

Over the last decade, there has been a strange emergence in the indie rock world that has made people feel downright silly for only tuning in now. It has also built an even stranger devotion that can only be described as fanatical and a bit obsessive. Oh Ye, Blitzen Trapper, you are back! When Sub Pop picked these guys up to release their, what is now an indie classic, fourth album Furr, something magical happened for fans of true American folk and experimental rock. And it has happened again. BT’s fifth release, Destroyer Of The Void, brings us back onto the padded wagon traveling westward bound at a slow trot through the heart, body, and soul. Read More »Blitzen Trapper: Destroyer Of The Void [Album Review]

The Hugs: She Was High [mp3]

The Hugs (band)

With a name like The Hugs, you know you’re in for something upbeat. On “She Was High”, the Portland-based band creates infectious indie pop with leanings toward the gritty nature of garage. The song is adorned with tweeting birds, side-commentary from other band members, and creaking doors, adding something off-beat and unique to the song. With a fun guitar riff and poppy, hook-filled vocals, there’s a good chance you’ll have “She Was High” on repeat for hours. Read More »The Hugs: She Was High [mp3]

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Announce New Album

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Dead Oceans announced yesterday the sophomore release by Portland’s Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, titled Where The Messengers Meet. The album, out August 3, hits about a year and a half after the band’s self-titled debut. That album came in just outside our top 10 album of 2009 thanks to angular, erratic, and often hauntingly frantic musicianship fronted by expert, harmonic vocals. Read More »Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Announce New Album

Nurses: Winter [Video]


On Friday, Skagit County saw it’s first true day of winter for the ’09/’10 season, which is a bit strange as it’s now April. It hailed in between bursts of clear, sunny skies. It was also the first day of the summer barbecue at Red Apple; and it was the day I saw “Winter” by Nurses over at Sound On The Sound. Nurses should have been included in my list of 10 bands I should have checked out last year. They made several end-of-year lists, including #3 on SOTS. “Winter” aptly demonstrates what led this band to place so high. Musically it’s excellent, and the video is occasionally reminiscent of something you’d expect to see from Sweden’s The Knife. Read More »Nurses: Winter [Video]

Blitzen Trapper Announces Tour and New Release

Blitzen Trapper

Eric Earley and his band of merry men known as Blitzen Trapper are set to release their fifth studio album, Destroyer Of The Void, on June 8th via Sub Pop Records. It’s been two years since their debut at Sub Pop with their critically acclaimed Furr, and of course during we were fortunate enough to receive Black River Killer EP as well. But now the time has come! There is no doubt in the western world that this is one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2010. The pressure is on. But, as they have failed to let us down in the past, the stage is set for yet another amazing release. Read More »Blitzen Trapper Announces Tour and New Release

The Fenbi International Superstars: Two Miles From Home [Video]

The Fenbi International Superstars

Portland’s favorite and most outlandish band of gypsies has teamed up with the amazingly gifted animation artist Temris Ridge to bring you their terrific new track “Two Miles From Home”. The worldly boys of The Fenbi International Superstars have strayed from their classic mild mannered Irish stamina to bring their every growing fan base a tale of the demons that you will never be able to avoid. They have chosen a nice catchy indie pop sound to bring out the message rather than their signature ‘happier than Gogol-Bordello’ sound, proving once again that they have neither the fear, nor the lack of ability to touch any ground in the world of music they please. Read More »The Fenbi International Superstars: Two Miles From Home [Video]

A Weather [Feature]


Portland bedroom pop group A Weather is back with their second full-length album and follow-up to Cove, Everyday Balloons. Though the album came out last week on Team Love Records, we’re just now getting a taste of what it has in store for us through “Third Of Life” and “Giant Stairs”. With these songs, A Weather shakes some of the bedroom softness for a sound slightly louder. The increase isn’t substantial — say, from a 2 to a 3 — but on the volume scale, it’s noteworthy. Read More »A Weather [Feature]

Bombs Into You: Metaphorically Yours [Vol. 2] [Album Review]

Bombs Into You

Anybody can enjoy a nice “almost punk” sound. And if you can’t, you’re likely to drown in that bottle of Jameson you call a life. Misery is necessary for the wicked, but sometimes we need to dance and love. A group like Bombs Into You are the perfect match for all those who wish to hear their bad news in a positive vibe. Metaphorically Yours [Vol 2] is a spectacular display of new wave pop at it’s finest. Read More »Bombs Into You: Metaphorically Yours [Vol. 2] [Album Review]

Nick Jaina: Sleep Child [mp3]


Musicians are dreamers, none more so than the songwriter. And Nick Jaina could easily be their king. Experiential and filled with immense complexities, his music is the finest art-folk has to offer. The ceaseless beat of drums and hand claps and guitar strums in “Sleep Child” brings forth a modern tribal ode to the present. The most pressing element of Jaina’s music is the now factor, forcing one to open their eyes and look around, to appreciate their surroundings. Read More »Nick Jaina: Sleep Child [mp3]

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