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Bombs Into You: Metaphorically Yours [Vol. 2] [Album Review]

Bombs Into You

Anybody can enjoy a nice “almost punk” sound. And if you can’t, you’re likely to drown in that bottle of Jameson you call a life. Misery is necessary for the wicked, but sometimes we need to dance and love. A group like Bombs Into You are the perfect match for all those who wish to hear their bad news in a positive vibe. Metaphorically Yours [Vol 2] is a spectacular display of new wave pop at it’s finest.

Bombs Into You occasionally sound like a mash up of Cursive and The Killers, but with a much more positive attitude that the first and a more authentic sound than the latter. “Been Your Art” is the most compelling track on the album by far. Piano and synth materials blaze over a hand-clapping beat as the world turns ever so quickly, in just over 4 minutes. “Fighting Over Elevators” is where things take a strange turn. Still, you manage to never feel really lost through it’s drug-crazed experimentation. “Every End That Fell” is the closest to all out punk they ever manage to get.

It’s always encouraging to listen to a band like Bombs Into You and think out loud (and in quotations), “these guys really seem to love what they do.” If you can drag this inner monologue out with never seeing a live performance, you may have found yourself that gem of a band you’d be proud to follow. Metaphorically Yours [Vol 2] is that important album you were looking for in 2009. Or the one you heard a bit too late. Thankfully their sound can never grow old.

Check out Bombs Into You at Comet Tavern in Seattle on March 11. Also on the ticket are Snowman Plan, $2000 Puma, and Blue Light Curtain.

Bombs Into You: Been Your Art [mp3]
[audio:100301-bombs-into-you-been-your-art.mp3|titles=Been Your Art|artists=Bombs Into You]

Bombs Into You Metaphorically Yours Volume 2

[CD, 2009]

1. Ana Stop
2. Been Your Art
3. Abandon This For Mars
4. Fighting Over Elevators
5. –
6. Every End That Fell
7. Etchasketch

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  1. a good and worthy review, i felt the same way about this record. i can also happily report that their live show is energetic and engaging, definitely worth checking out.

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