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Westfold: Westfold EP [Album Review]


The boys of Westfold have outdone themselves yet again, this time on their third EP. In Westfold, the band takes the raw elements from their first release, No Frills Catalyst, and smash it against the proverbial high tower of obscurity that was their second release, Morning Commute. Portland’s rising stars had no reason to take unnecessary risks; instead they merely master their craft and up production value a bit on what can only be considered their finest work to date. Read More »Westfold: Westfold EP [Album Review]

Woodlands Band

The Woodlands: Can We Stay [Video]

Typically, the best music videos have a storyline. It’s not necessarily a plot insofar as it lacks the standard plot narrative. Not always. “Can We Stay” by The Woodlands, however, has a plot. There’s an introduction, action is taken to resolve a problem. A solution (the climax, if you will) is reached, and things wrap up in the end.

The story follows a couple, The Woodlands, as they discover a 1950s van, clean the inside, and make it into a cute little place. It’s a simple narrative, but it works with the light indie-pop The Woodlands create.

Read More »The Woodlands: Can We Stay [Video]

AristeiA: You Give Me Strength, You Give Me Patience! [Album Review]


Written by Justin Ray Ross.

AristeiA‘s first full length album, You Give Me Strength, You Give Me Patience!, blends the jam-session styling of Built to Spill with the post-rock sensibilities of Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky, which the majority of their sound is influenced by. Floating melodies intertwine with pounding rhythms to carry you on a journey across winter soundscapes. Read More »AristeiA: You Give Me Strength, You Give Me Patience! [Album Review]

Kasey Anderson: Nowhere Nights [Album Review]


The line between roots music and downright country music has blurred of late. Country pop artists tend to say they draw influence from powerful down-home roots artists, but rarely sound like them. So, to call Kasey Anderson an alt-country artist because of the twang in his vocals, or the subtly delightful stories he tells, would be absolutely absurd. What you year on Nowhere Nights are the words of an artist deeply rooted to what it used to mean to be a songwriter with some sad stories to tell. And that makes his music virtuous. Read More »Kasey Anderson: Nowhere Nights [Album Review]

The Very Foundation: The Restless Enterprise [Album Review]


What would you think if you read the lyrics “….but it comes from simple needs/ just fuck me till I bleed”? Would you be expecting a Trent Reznor-inspired electronic mess? Or maybe an speed metal diatribe about lust over love? Well, chances are you wouldn’t expect these words to be used in a song done by an indie power pop group such as The Very Foundation. But, much like their whole demeanor, there isn’t too much obvious about this tremendous group. Especially on their latest release The Restless Enterprise. Read More »The Very Foundation: The Restless Enterprise [Album Review]

The Dimes [Feature]


The Dimes follow the path of The Decemberists with brainy history-ridden lyrics about wars and tragic fires and the devastating consequences of falling in love during the 1800s. Their latest effort, The King Can Drink The Harbor Dry has fingers into early American settler themes. The music they produce, on the other hand, is more along the lines of Fruit Bats or possibly Andrew Bird. Read More »The Dimes [Feature]

The Ascetic Junkies To Release Free EP @ Backspace


Matt, Kali & the infamous crew known simply as The Ascetic Junkies are back with a brand new bag! Yes, Portland’s favorite folk/pop and sort of punk group are bringing some new material to their anxiously awaiting fans – it’s been over a year since the gang put out one of the best albums of 2008, One Shoe Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. As groundbreaking and delightful as the album was, you could always tell there could have been more. And on December 11th at Backspace, the City of Roses will be fortunate enough to hear the AJ’s return to their bluegrass roots, and bring home the joy absolutely free. Read More »The Ascetic Junkies To Release Free EP @ Backspace

Cars & Trains: Intimidated By Silence [mp3]


Experimental electrofolk is what you get with Portland’s Cars & Trains. The one man band of Tom Filepp is set to release their new LP, The Roots, The Leaves, early next year. “Intimidated By Silence” is the first single from the album, and it finds Filepp utilizing laptop-created electronic sounds and an array of accompanying instrumental samples. The lyrics are poetry, and the music is calming yet erratic. The combination is an astonishing feat of brilliance that makes The Roots, The Leaves an easy pick for one of January’s most anticipated releases. Read More »Cars & Trains: Intimidated By Silence [mp3]

Ramona Falls: I Say Fever [Video]


Brent Knopf has never failed to impress listeners with his Portland based group Menomena; cult followings happen for a reason. And fans are sure to follow Knopf as he embarks in his first solo efforts under the kooky moniker Ramona Falls. Hooking up with Sundance prize winning animation director Stefan Nadelman (who, by no coincidence is a former Menomena video director) on the video for his single “I Say Fever” was just another brilliant move this massively talented artist had to make. Read More »Ramona Falls: I Say Fever [Video]

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