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The Dimes [Feature]


The Dimes follow the path of The Decemberists with brainy history-ridden lyrics about wars and tragic fires and the devastating consequences of falling in love during the 1800s. Their latest effort, The King Can Drink The Harbor Dry has fingers into early American settler themes. The music they produce, on the other hand, is more along the lines of Fruit Bats or possibly Andrew Bird.

This isn’t Howard Zinn’s breathtaking A People’s History Of The United States but from a musical standpoint, it’s more than sufficient. Soft melodies and mystical rhythms treat these history lessons like bedtime stories.

The Dimes: Damrell’s Fire [mp3]
[audio:091203-the_dimes-damrells_fire.mp3|titles=Damrell’s Fire|artists=The Dimes]

The Dimes: Walden And The Willow Tree [mp3]
[audio:091203_the_dimes-walden_and_the_willow_tree.mp3|titles=Walden And The Willow Tree|artists=The Dimes]

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