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Nick Jaina: Sleep Child [mp3]


Musicians are dreamers, none more so than the songwriter. And Nick Jaina could easily be their king. Experiential and filled with immense complexities, his music is the finest art-folk has to offer. The ceaseless beat of drums and hand claps and guitar strums in “Sleep Child” brings forth a modern tribal ode to the present. The most pressing element of Jaina’s music is the now factor, forcing one to open their eyes and look around, to appreciate their surroundings.

It fits his music. States Jaina about the forthcoming album, due in April on Hush Records:

Half of it was written on the sunniest hill in California with seven red-tailed hawks circling overhead. The other half was written in the middle of a snowstorm in Portland that shut down the city for a week. The other half was written in a van leaving a Waffle House.

It leaves one to believe that Jaina is not only a dreamer but a wanderer, a modern beatnik of sorts, collecting stories and experiences to share with the world and make it a better place. “Sleep Child” certainly has that effect on me; it makes me feel good. Not only that, it makes me feel good about me, sitting here at 8:54PM in pajamas and sipping a stiff glass of ice water. Calm, complacent and happy.

Nick Jaina: Sleep Child [mp3]
[audio:100226-nick-jaina-sleep-child.mp3|titles=Sleep Child|artists=Nick Jaina]

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