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Throw Me The Statue: Yucatan Gold [Video]

Throw Me The Statue

Written by Fense

There’s something profound about a nude album cover. I guess this isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking statement, but it catches the eye. You’re seeing something you’re not supposed to, and that’s naughty and exciting and… yeah, maybe a little weird. To be honest, I like nude covers. And I don’t mean that in a creepy sexual way. Read More »Throw Me The Statue: Yucatan Gold [Video]

The Radio Dept: Freddie And The Trojan Horse [Album Review]

The Radio Dept.

Written by Fense

With this new EP, dubbed after the opening track “Freddie And The Trojan Horse”, The Radio Dept. find themselves morphing into an even darker beast than was once thought possible. In the title track, this is emphasized through electro-new-wave-y melancholy vocals and percussive beats, as well as the dark sound that encompasses the keys. Read More »The Radio Dept: Freddie And The Trojan Horse [Album Review]

The Glasses: Story Problems [Album Review]


Written by Fense

Oh yeah. This is the stuff that gets me excited. The Glasses (MySpace) are the style of indie pop that’s packed with male/female vocals and totally catchy vocal and instrumental hooks. I’m pretty sure I’ve got one of their older EPs, but the one currently in my hands is their latest LP, Story Problems. “When Moonlight Falls” kicks the album off on a massive high point. Read More »The Glasses: Story Problems [Album Review]

Polysics: We Ate The Machine [Album Review]


Written by bob_vinyl

Polysics (MySpace) make no secret of their love for Devo. The jumpsuits, the scientist-rock image, it all points to one thing. Their music however, goes further. Devo is clearly in the mix on this collection of synth-heavy, agitated new wave tunes and the result is fun, energetic… and entirely contrived. But they mix that 80s electronic pop with punk energy and more than just a small dose of old Japanese noisecore and that healthy dose of crazy keeps them from being trapped by their own hipness (a dangerous snare that many rehashers of the 80s have failed to avoid). Read More »Polysics: We Ate The Machine [Album Review]

Burn To Shine 5: Seattle, WA [Film Review]

Tiny Vipers from Burn To Shine 5

Burn To Shine has an interesting manifesto. The people who put these films together gather local bands for one day of recording in a building that is going to be destroyed. For Seattle, recorded January 27, 2007, they chose an ancient house and fourteen of Seattle’s greatest bands, including power names like Ben Gibbard, Eddie Vedder and Minus The Bear. Read More »Burn To Shine 5: Seattle, WA [Film Review]

Pomegranates: Whom/Who [Video]


Written by Fense

I often say that Sweden puts out the best indie pop music in the world, but when it comes to the U.S. of A, Ohio reigns supreme. Pomegranates hail from Cincinnati and are one of my favorite new bands of 2008. Their LP Everything Is Alive has remained at the top of my weekly playlist for some time now and, with each additional listen, I come to love the music even more. Read More »Pomegranates: Whom/Who [Video]

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