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These Arms Are Snakes: Tail Swallower And Dove [Album Review]

These Arms Are Snakes

Written by The Nice Asshole

It’s always a pleasure for me to review a band that is undefinable in genre/sound, and incomparable to other acts. With These Arms Are Snakes (MySpace), the closest definition is the piercing sound of a fire alarm or television static.

On their third LP, Tail Swallower And Dove, the band continues to evolve within the progressively heavy sounds they defined on their previous albums. Tail Swallower And Dove is a distorted and ethereal portrait of how intense a band can be without the aid of speed or melody.

Many songs on the album are supported by the unofficial 5th member of T.A.A.S., the microKorg synthesizer. “Red Line Season” becomes the album’s standout track, thanks to the ‘Korg and lead singer Steve Snere’s ADHD-style vocal delivery. Singing Give us some more, now that it’s over, Snere has a dissonant and haunting vocal harmony that gives the song a punch and

Other songs that come to mind include “Lucifer” and “Lead Beater”, both featuring some of the band’s best musicianship to date. Bassist Brian Cook is the perfect bass player for a band like T.A.A.S., with his distorted bass-lines being one of the most pleasurable layers to the their sound. Now on to Drummer/Producer Chris Common: Unlike the bands previous album, Common shines brightly on “Tail Swallower” while wearing two hats as musician and producer. This is easily his best production job thus far.

T.A.A.S.’s albums have always come from a “listen as a whole” approach. My recommendation: give the album a few spins to really grasp all the elements it puts forth. One thing is for sure, T.A.A.S. have never been an easy band to listen to, so crank the volume knob to 11 and enjoy.

Be advised that anyone with even a slight interest in T.A.A.S. to catch the band live. They know no boundaries, especially lead-singer Snere. He’ll often swing from the rafters or taunt the audience with spit while swaying around on-stage like he’s had to many White Russians. His rabid and crazed stage demeanor makes the band one of the most sought-after live acts that are currently touring.

With a new album in tow, T.A.A.S. have evolved from a throw-away post/hardcore band to a progressive-fueled machine that gives its fan’s and admirers many reasons to keep seeking more and more.

These Arms Are Snakes: Red Line Season [mp3]
[audio:1028_these_arms_are_snakes_-_red_line_season.mp3|titles=Red Line Season|artists=These Arms Are Snakes]

Tail Swallower And Dove by These Arms Are Snakes

Suicide Squeeze [CD, 2008]

1. Woolen Heirs
2. Prince Squid
3. Red Line Season
4. Lucifer
5. Ethric Double
6. Seven Curtains
7. Long and Lonely Step
8. Lead Beater
9. Cavity Carousel
10. Briggs

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