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Throw Me The Statue: Yucatan Gold [Video]

Throw Me The Statue

Written by Fense

There’s something profound about a nude album cover. I guess this isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking statement, but it catches the eye. You’re seeing something you’re not supposed to, and that’s naughty and exciting and… yeah, maybe a little weird. To be honest, I like nude covers. And I don’t mean that in a creepy sexual way.

I’ve got that LP only album featuring a barely visible nude by The Magnolia Electric Co. I’ve got TMTS’s Moonbeams on vinyl. And I’ve got a pair of sexy Fausto Papetti LPs I’ve never listened to (I don’t know if I can muster the strength to listen to Evergreen No. 3). I wouldn’t mind picking up that Roxy Music album either.

Despite the prior paragraph, I don’t care what anyone says — as a song, I like “Yucatan Gold” quite a bit more than “Lolita”. Sure, the latter is super catchy and filled with more than enough hooks to warrant the top song on the album moniker. But “Yucatan Gold” has a little something extra. And you can totally see it in the video. Both “Yucatan Gold” and “Lolita” are off Moonbeams, available now on Secretly Canadian.

Throw Me The Statue: Lolita [mp3]
[audio:1029_throw_me_the_statue_-_lolita.mp3|titles=Lolita|artists=Throw Me The Statue]

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