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Golden Bloom: Doomsday Devices [Video]

Written by Fense

When Shawn Fogel made the transformation from a self-titled moniker to Golden Bloom, he gave the world “The Fight At The End Of The Tunnel”. It was a song that fit the pop mold, but also showed a darker side of Fogel. In advance of hearing and seeing the video for “Doomsday Devices”, I was expecting a bit more of the same.

But that’s the great thing about Fogel’s Golden Bloom — you don’t quite know what to expect. “Doomsday Devices” isn’t nearly as dark as “Flight”, despite the title leading one to think otherwise. It is, on the other hand, filled with the lovable indie-pop I’ve come to expect from Fogel and crew.

Fogel’s Golden Bloom can be somewhat like… let’s see… an Eddie Murphy flick. Fogel fills several roles, and the “Doomsday Devices” video is no different — though, I’d argue that Fogel pulls it off better than Murphy. It’s fun and entertaining, just like the music he creates.

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