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Golden Bloom

An Interview with Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom

Though we have never met in person, Golden Bloom front-man Shawn Fogel and I have known each other for about half a decade. Back when he created music under his own name rather than the Golden Bloom moniker. Fogel’s music has always had a more contemporary pop sound than you’re standard indie artist, and I think it’s fared him well. No more is this apparent than on his new EP, No Day Like Today, which is a notable leap forward for the artist. I had the pleasure of chatting with Fogel last weekend to discuss the new release, his plans for the future, and the changes the band has witnessed over the years.

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Golden Bloom

Golden Bloom: March To The Drums (Album Review)

So the waiting period is officially over. The illustrious Shawn Fogel has brought us some new dishes of indie-pop deliciousness to dribble over. Indeed, the comeback of Golden Bloom is, on the surface, a simple EP. But March To The Drums is far from just a collection sample tracks to hold you over until something better comes along. This is the “better” that came along. It is the sort of miniature opus we can always expect from Mr. Fogel.

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Neutral Uke Hotel [Feature]


Don’t you love Neutral Milk Hotel? Who doesn’t, right? Well, it’s safe to say that nobody loves them more than Shawn Fogel (of Golden Bloom). If you think your adoration can overpower his, try doing a complete tribute set of NMH’s indie rock classic Aeroplane Over The Sea….with a ukulele. Even then, you might not be able to match the beauty and brilliance of one of the most creative cover acts being produced right now. Neutral Uke Hotel is a brilliant seaside coffee house worthy band of flannelled gypsies obviously not in tune with the ordinary and terribly average world. Featuring members of Golden Bloom, as well as gents from The Motion Sick, this is definitely a renowned indie rock experiment. Read More »Neutral Uke Hotel [Feature]

best albums of 2009

FensePost Top 50: The Best Albums of 2009

2009 is a tough year to judge. I’ve checked out more albums this year than any year in the past. Well over 1,000. And there have been quite a few great ones as well. When this list began, it had 110 albums. I abandoned my top 33 and 1/3 for 45, and then said “screw it” and upped the number to an even 50. These are the top notch albums of the year, all worthy of praise.

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Golden Bloom: Theme For An Adventure At Sea [World Premiere]

Golden Bloom's Shawn Fogel

FensePost is proud to conclude The Summer of Golden Bloom, in which nine blogs came together to exclusively premiere various tracks off Golden Bloom‘s debut LP Fan The Flames, out August 18. Our exclusive track is “Theme For An Adventure At Sea” and it is easily one of my favorite songs on Fan The Flames, and certainly my favorite new track. Read More »Golden Bloom: Theme For An Adventure At Sea [World Premiere]

Golden Bloom: Fan The Flames [Album Review]

Shawn Fogel and Golden Bloom

When Shawn Fogel ditched his parent-given name as band title, and instead grasped the moniker Golden Bloom (MySpace), one may have speculated how, if at all, this change would alter Fogel’s sound. With a few band-leaked singles, it was obvious that Fogel and company had progressed, but now, a few eves before the release of Fan The Flames, we are now able to hear that our suspicions are correct. Read More »Golden Bloom: Fan The Flames [Album Review]

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