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Fense’s Radio Show: June 22, 2012

Homemade Pizza

I’m in a reflective mood. Thinking back on my youth, there’s so much that, at the time, I wished I could do. Looking at my life now, I think I’m right where I want to be in terms of who I am and what I am doing with my life.

It’s funny. You think about all the restrictions there are in life; I’m finding that I have more freedom as an adult to do what I want when I want to do it than ever before. I guess that’s the benefit of being an unburdened 30-something without kids.

This week’s playlist again includes a lot of new stuff, from a few phenomenal covers including Iron & Wine playing George Michael and Hey Marseilles covering Daniel Johnston, to a pair of older tracks from one of my all-time favorite artists, Acid House Kings.

“One More Try” by Iron & Wine off Two Sides of George 7″ (cover of George Michael)
“1904” by The Tallest Man On Earth off There’s No Leaving Now
“True Love Will Find You In The End” by Hey Marseilles off Valentines (cover of Daniel Johnston)

“Elegy” by Hey Marseilles off Elegy
“Rhyme The Reason” by Golden Bloom off March To The Drums
“Theme For An Adventure At Sea” by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library off Swap Meet

“Something New (Changes)” by The Appleseed Collective off Baby To Beast
“Language Is Over (Acoustic)” by Little Comets
“Sea of Doubt” by Br’er off City of Ice

“First Time” by Acid House Kings off Advantage Acid House Kings
“Mondays Are Like Tuesdays” by Acid House Kings off Mondays Are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
“She’ll Come Back For Indian Summer” by Alpaca Sports

“Take You With Me” by French Films off Golden Sea EP
“Body and Soul” by Goldenboy off Sleepwalker

“Now That I’ve Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better” by Shout Out Out Out Out off Spanish Moss and Total Loss
“City of Lovers” by Baby Monster off City of Lovers EP
“Hidden” by Erika Spring off Erika Spring

“On Reality” by Exray’s off Trust A Robot
“Visionary Road Maps” by Stereolab off Fab Four Suture

“March” by Young Moon off Navigated Like The Swan
“Millionenspiel” by CAN off The Lost Tapes Sampler

“Laura” by Western Affairs off 2000 EP
“Important” by Way Yes off Walkability

“I Am The Antichrist To You” by Kishi Bashi off 151a

There it is, the playlist. The above photo was taken Saturday night. Homemade pizzas like this have become a staple in our meal rotation. They’re made on a frozen gluten-free crust we pick up at the local Co-op.

Slather on a little butter, add ingredients and bake for 15 to 20 minutes and you get perfection. This one is sauceless and features steak, spinach and mozzarella. We add some chilled Francesco Rinaldi spaghetti sauce as dip on the side.

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