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Acid House Kings

Acid House Kings

Sweden’s indie pop darlings Acid House Kings formed in 1991 with Joakim Ödlund and brothers Niklas and Johan Angergård. The current lineup includes Johan, Niklas, and Julia Lannerheim.

Lannerheim joined as a guest vocalist on Advantage. She would ultimately join the band in advance of the band’s 2002 follow-up.

Unlike most bands, the group set out with a long-sighted plan: to release three albums, one every five years. Achieving that, they continued to produce music and still do to this day.

The band’s studio LPs include:

  • Pop, Look & Listen! (1992)
  • Advantage Acid House Kings (1997)
  • Mondays are Like Tuesdays, and Tuesdays are Like Wednesdays (2002)
  • Sing Along with Acid House Kings (2005)
  • Music Sounds Better With You (2011)

The band has also released a number of singles, EPs, and a compilation.

The members of Acid House Kings have their fingers throughout the Swedish music scene.

Johan Angergård worked with Labrador Records for several years and has recorded with many artists on the label including a prominent role in Club 8 and his solo project The Legends. He was also in Poprace with Ödlund. In Ödlund’s portfolio, you’ll find Double Dan and Starlet. Niklas is also in Red Sleeping Beauty.

I (owner and chief creator here at FensePost) have loved this band since the moment I discovered them in a radio station recording booth back in 2005, and I’ve amassed a variety of singles and albums from the band. Below you’ll find all content pertaining to the band, including posts, album reviews, features, videos, lists, and much more!

Acid House Kings Music Sounds Better with You Vinyl

Acid House Kings | Music Sounds Better With You | Album Review

I’ve covered Acid House Kings close to ad nauseam at this point, and as I have a handful more releases, it’s going to continue a little bit longer. Prior to Music Sounds Better With You, I looked at the three LPs that preceded it. This, technically, is the band’s fifth–their debut LP is the sole one not on vinyl or in my collection. I’ve also covered a handful of singles. So let’s dig in…

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Acid House Kings & The Bartlebees Split 7-inch Single

Acid House Kings / The Bartlebees | Split 7-Inch Review

This unique little 7-inch single is one of two singles the Swedish indie pop band Acid House Kings released in 1992 along with their first album, Pop, Look & Listen. I’m not entirely sure which came first, this split or their Play Pop! EP, which was also released as a 7-inch. This is the lone split I’ve found from one of my favorite Swedish bands, and it pairs their early sounds with the equally twee band out of Germany, The Bartlebees. This is a co-release bewteen Cornflakes Zoo and Alienor Records. 

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Acid House Kings Play Pop! EP

Acid House Kings | Play Pop! EP | Vinyl Review

The Acid House KingsPlay Pop! EP is an early example of the Swedish indie pop band’s distinctive blend of melodic guitar pop and electronic dance music influences influences that were somewhat signature to their early years. The EP was released on 7-inch vinyl in 1992 by Marsh-Marigold Records, and it features four catchy and upbeat yet inherently lo-fi tracks.

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Sharon Van Etten on the Record Player

On Air at KSVR Mount Vernon: February 1, 2013 Playlist

I’ve been in a weird place musically of late. I’m a bit scattered, all over the map. My affinity for light, soft and playful folk has returned, but I’m also crushing on slacker pop and dream pop at the moment. Pretty hard, thank to bands like Darlings and Indians. I shouldn’t be surprised at this disjointedness; I have always had diverse desires when it comes to music and varied playlists like this one are a common occurrence.

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Bags Full of Vinyl

Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2012

November 18 was the second vinyl only show, featuring an array of tunes from the likes of Sambassadeur, The Mary Onettes, Holiday Shores, Devon Williams, Le Jonathan Reilly, Christmas Island and many more. Included within were several from Sweden’s Labrador Records thanks to a recent package from the label, and I also played several tracks from artists who have released singles and LPs on Captured Tracks after receiving an order placed from eBay. Lots of good tunes this week!

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Brett Sandstrom at KSVR

Fense’s Radio Show: November 2, 2012

Brett and I met up a little before 9:30pm at KSVR, spent a few minutes catching up, then organized the selection of records we would play that night. It was a first for me — having a co-host — and it turned out to be a blast. Friday nights from 10pm to midnight can be lonely and I don’t get many calls, so having someone else in the studio to talk to was definitely an enjoyable experience.

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KSVR Board

Fense’s Radio Show: September 21, 2012

This show ended up being a bit of a favorites show; we began with a few favorite tracks from the past few years by bands hailing from Sweden including Acid House Kings and their track “Do What You Wanna Do” (which remains one of my all-time favorites). And we continued with several favorites from 2012 thus far — the phenomenal “Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture; tracks by Cloud Nothings, Exlovers and Gap Dream; and from last year A Classic Education. Also making an appearance were some newbies: a pair of great Woods tracks off their new album Bend Beyond and a brand new track off the forthcoming Pinback LP Information Received.

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