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Fense’s Radio Show: November 2, 2012

Brett Sandstrom at KSVR

Brett and I met up a little before 9:30pm at KSVR, spent a few minutes catching up, then organized the selection of records we would play that night. It was a first for me — having a co-host — and it turned out to be a blast. Friday nights from 10pm to midnight can be lonely and I don’t get many calls, so having someone else in the studio to talk to was definitely an enjoyable experience.

For this evening, we chose a theme of the 90s, courtesy my fiance. Our next task was to pull out and put together a vinyl only show featuring tracks pertaining to the theme. This was much easier for Brett, as that’s his area of expertise; mine began in the early 2000s, so anything pre that era has come from looking back and not actually living it.

The two records pictured below are from my collection. The Rondelles is a band Andi was a big fan of while growing up in Albuquerque and the Tullycraft one I picked up on eBay from Brett himself; it was the album that introduced us back in late 2008/early 2009.

Tullycraft and The Rondelles on KSVR

As usual, even though we had a theme, the show was filled with variety. From Euro-dance artists like Saint Etienne to local pop-punk like The Crabs and Tullycraft, folk-pop like Bonnie “Prince” Billy to emo like Braid and Waxwing, we covered it all. Check out the playlist below and keep an eye on the FensePost Facebook page for our next themed vinyl only night!

Yes, that means Brett and I will be at it again in the near future!

Radio Playlist

“Martin & James” by Pizzicato Five off Sister Freedom Tapes (10″ EP)
“Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Kenlou B Boy Mix)” by Saint Etienne off Only Love Can Break Your Heart (12″ Single)
“Life In Mono” by Mono off Life in Mono (12″ Single)

“Car” by Built To Spill off Car b/w Scarin’
“Workin’ on Leavin’ the Livin'” by Modest Mouse off Never Ending Math Equation b/w Workin’ on Leavin’ the Livin’ (7″ Single)
“Three On Five” by Doug Martsch off Doug Martsch / Michael John: Home Recorded Cassette Culture (Split 7″)
“Castle Rock” by Red Stars Theory off Castle Rock (7″ Single)

“1st String Teenage High” by Tullycraft off 1st String Teenage High (7″ Single)
“Safety In Numbers” by The Rondelles off Safety In Numbers (7″ Single)
“I Don’t Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll Tonight” by The Donnas off Da Doo Ron Ron (7″ Single)
“Maribel” by The Crabs off Dreamboat Riptide b/w Maribel Mongoose (7″ Single)

“Clear” by Pop Race off S.A.G.E
“Their Lives Are As Sad As Mine” by Acid House Kings off Acid House Kings / The Bartlebees (Split 7″)
“Dog On Wheels” by Belle And Sebastian off Dog On Wheels (7″ Single)

“Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Halo Benders off Don’t Touch My Bikini
“So Young” by Suede off So Young (12″ Single)
“Tomorrow” by Morrissey off Tomorrow (12″ Single)

“Let’s Start A Family” by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy off Sub Pop Singles Club
“Chevrolet” by Damien Jurado off Chevrolet (7″ Single)
“Fits for A King” by Love As Laughter off Love As Laughter / Ringfinger (Split 7″)
“Picture Postcard” by Tim Kinsella off Tim Kinsella / Jen Wood: Postmarked Stamps (Split 7″)
“Division Day” by Elliott Smith off Division Day (7″ Single)

“If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours” by Texas Is The Reason off Self Titled 7″ Single
“Find” by State Route 522 off EP (7″ Single)
“Intervention” by Waxwing off Self-Titled (7″ Single)

“First Day Back” by Braid off Polyvinyl 7″ Singles Series
“Dead Letter” by Engine Down off Twelve Hour Turn / Engine Down (Split Single)

hand-picked vinyl recommendations

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