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Fense’s Radio Show: September 21, 2012

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This show ended up being a bit of a favorites show; we began with a few favorite tracks from the past few years by bands hailing from Sweden including Acid House Kings and their track “Do What You Wanna Do” (which remains one of my all-time favorites). And we continued with several favorites from 2012 thus far — the phenomenal “Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture; tracks by Cloud Nothings, Exlovers and Gap Dream; and from last year A Classic Education. Also making an appearance were some newbies: a pair of great Woods tracks off their new album Bend Beyond and a brand new track off the forthcoming Pinback LP Information Received.

I also played a new tune by Denmark artist Cleeman. The man behind that project, Gunnar Cleeman, may stop by the studio sometime in October for a quick chat given our schedules line up. Stay tuned for that. Also, October is fund-drive month and we’ll be working to put on some of our best shows yet.

Don’t forget to tune in to KSVR and KSVU Friday nights at 10pm PST for the show.

Radio Playlist

“Do What You Wanna Do” by Acid House Kings off Sing Along With The Acid House Kings
“We’re From Barcelona” by I’m From Barcelona off Let Me Introduce You To My Friends
“Closer Now” by Club 8 off The People’s Record

“Strolling Past The Old Graveyard” by Gigi feat. Karl Blau off Maintenant
“” by Cleeman off Different
“I Love My Car” by Belle And Sebastian off I’m Waking Up To Us (Single)

“Ivory Coast” by Pure Bathing Culture off Pure Bathing Culture EP
“Terracur” by Social Studies off Developer
“Another Day” by Echo Lake off Wild Peace

“Proceed To Memory” by Pinback off Information Received

“Dig Your Grave” by The Pharmacy off Dig Your Grave
“Our Plan” by Cloud Nothings off Attack On Memory
“You’re So Quiet” by Exlovers off Moth

“Terrible Day” by A Classic Education off Call It Blazing
“Cali In A Cup” by WOODS off Bend Beyond
“Alex” by Girls off Father, Son, Holy Ghost

“The Honest Truth” by Typhoon off A New Kind Of House
“Blood On The Highway” by The Maldives off Muscle For The Wing
“Your Eyes Are A Door” by The High Dials off War Of The Wakening Phantoms

“Drop Your Pride” by Ken Stringfellow off Danzig In The Moonlight
“Listening to Tago Mago” by Frank Rabeyrolles off 8
“Fang” by ERAAS off ERAAS

“Leather” by Gap Dream off Gap Dream
“Size Meets The Sound” by Woods off Bend Beyond
“Burst” by Craft Spells off Gallery

“Under The Night” by The Album Leaf off Forward/Return

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