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Craft Spells | Gallery | Album Review

Craft Spells Gallery

Craft Spells is an indie pop band hailing from Stockton, CA and founded by singer-songwriter Justin Vallesteros in 2009. The band’s EP Gallery was released in 2012 on Captured Tracks, and features their unique blend of dream pop and indie rock, as well as Justin’s songwriting prowess. Released in 2012, Gallery features six tracks that transport listeners to a nostalgic world with lyrics that delve into familiar themes of heartbreak and self-reflection. 

The EP opens with the atmospheric “Still Left With Me,” which features Vallesteros’ vocals floating over a dreamy guitar riff and a driving drumbeat. The song sets the tone for the EP, with its mix of wistful lyrics and upbeat instrumentation. 

Gallery also includes the hauntingly beautiful “Warmth,” with its ethereal synths and hypnotic rhythm section. The A-side concludes with “Burst,” a jangly guitar-driven track that will leave you feeling uplifted and energized. 

“Leave My Shadow” is another high point, featuring jangly guitar lines and a catchy chorus that will easily get stuck in your head. Concluding the EP are “Sun Trails” with its bittersweet lyrics and title track “Gallery,” which features a memorable synth hook. 

Throughout, Gallery showcases Craft Spells’ talent for crafting catchy pop songs with true indie sensibilities. With its memorable hooks and dreamy production, the band’s unique blend of upbeat instrumentation and wistful lyrics creates a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary, and if you’re anything like me, there are a handful of tracks within that will have you hitting repeat again and again.

Gallery Vinyl
Craft Spells Gallery Vinyl

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