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Acid House Kings | Play Pop! EP | Vinyl Review

Acid House Kings Play Pop! EP

The Acid House KingsPlay Pop! EP is an early example of the Swedish indie pop band’s distinctive blend of melodic guitar pop and electronic dance music influences influences that were somewhat signature to their early years. The EP was released on 7-inch vinyl in 1992 by Marsh-Marigold Records, and it features four catchy and upbeat yet inherently lo-fi tracks.

The music on Play Pop! EP is packed with jangly guitars, hints of synths, and driving dance beats, all of which combine to create a bright and cheerful pop sound that’s perfect for Sunday afternoon daydreaming. 

“She Fakes Apples” stands out as the most catchy track on the album:

Here’s the tracklist:

  • A1: She Fakes Apples
  • A2: Hey What’s Up
  • B1: Hopefully
  • B2: Anorak Days

AHK Play Pop! EP Vinyl

Play Pop! EP is True Twee

You can’t talk about early Acid House Kings without discussing its relation to twee. Play Pop! appears heavily influenced by the origination of twee during the 80s era, which emerged in the UK indie scene in the 1980s with the C86 cassette

Twee pop is known for its DIY aesthetic, whimsical lyrics, and unabashedly sentimental melodies, all of which are evident in early music by the Acid House Kings. However, the band’s incorporation of dance music elements sets them apart from many other twee pop bands, giving their music a more upbeat and danceable feel.

Play Pop! EP is a charming introduction to the band’s early style, and it remains a beloved artifact of the early 1990s indie pop and twee scene, particularly in Sweden. However, that said, it’s not nearly as accessible as the albums that would come later, namely anything that came out after Mondays Are Like Tuesdays.

Play Pop! EP Vinyl 7-inch

The Vinyl Packaging of the EP

The sleeve is simple. It’s green printing on a white sleeve, coming across as kind of a duo-tone look. The labels are green with black printing, which compliments that outer sleeve. And the EP was pressed to black wax.

According to Discogs, there’s only one version of the EP and as of the recording of this review in April of 2023, only 105 people have it in their collection. A lone copy is for sale at nearly $60 US after shipping. Will you be the one to get it?

Here’s my coverage of the EP:

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