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Acid House Kings Returns with Reissues

Acid House Kings

OK, this is exciting news. After the reissue of another favorite artist a few years back (Carissa’s Wierd), whose catalog was long out of print, another favorite gets reissue treatment: Acid House Kings.

The press release states that both “Mondays are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are Like Wednesdays and Advantage Acid House Kings haven’t been available on any physical format in almost 7 years time.”

All three titles are being released August 28 as extended digital versions with limited pressing (500 each) deluxe 180 gram vinyl on Labrador Records.

States member Johan Angergård: “There’s a good reason our first and latest albums won’t be reissued. Our debut, Pop, Look & Listen simply isn’t any good. And the latest album Music Sounds Better with You is still available on all formats, everywhere, all the time.”

Here’s the rundown on those that will be reissued:

Advantage Acid House Kings

1. Advantage Acid House Kings (1997)

One of the band’s earliest releases, Advantage Acid House Kings featured the finest of jangle pop. Songs like “First Time”, which you can hear below, along with classic like “Heaven’s Just A Kiss Away” and “Wake Up!” have been mainstays on my playlist for ages. And it’s exciting that the album can finally make its way into my physical collection.

Listen to “First Time” by Acid House Kings below.

Mondays Are Like Tuesdays by Acid House Kings

2. Mondays Are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays (2002)

I was lucky enough to snag Mondays Are Like Tuesday on CD several years ago, before it went out of print. I remember when I first discovered the band as a DJ at KZUU; two songs that were played on several shows included “Say Yes If You Love Me” and “Mondays Are Like Tuesdays”.

Listen to “Sunday Morning” by Acid House Kings below:

Sing Along With The Acid House Kings

3. Sing Along With The Acid House Kings

Released in 2006, this is the album that made it all the way to #1 for me. “Do What You Wanna Do” remains among my all-time favorite songs. The first 2000 CDs came deluxe with an accompanying karaoke DVD. Yes, I have that one as well. The exciting part, however, is that this album, too, will receive vinyl treatment!

Listen to “Do What You Wanna Do” by Acid House Kings:

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