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DZRP: Oh Short Ribs And Gravy [Video]


Written by Fense

It’s hard to take someone serious when they’re wearing a banana suit. Especially when they’re playing a green ukelele. But that’s exactly what you get with DZR:P, a bizarre Swedish group that plays insane pop gems like “Oh Milk Duds” and “Oh Short Ribs And Gravy”.

At first, I thought these guys sounded a bit like a Seattle favorite of mine — BOAT — thanks to the sarcasm stuffed into the lead singer’s vocals. But, in truth, there’s very little in terms of similarity between the two. In other words, they do not necessarily take reality and twist it with a realistic self-deprecation.

The video for “Oh Short Ribs And Gravy” is wacky: The lead singer spends the entire song upside-down in a banana suit wearing glasses that appear to have been mended with some white tape and some weird piece of something in his mouth.

There are donuts floating through the air and people wearing green and holding their arms up and the whole thing is a bit confusing. But damn is this song — and video — good!

DZR:P: Oh Short Ribs And Gravy
[audio:1030_dzrp_-_oh_short_ribs_and_gravy.mp3|titles=Oh Short Ribs And Gravy|artists=DZR:P]


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