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The Glasses: Story Problems [Album Review]


Written by Fense

Oh yeah. This is the stuff that gets me excited. The Glasses (MySpace) are the style of indie pop that’s packed with male/female vocals and totally catchy vocal and instrumental hooks. I’m pretty sure I’ve got one of their older EPs, but the one currently in my hands is their latest LP, Story Problems. “When Moonlight Falls” kicks the album off on a massive high point.

Honestly, Story Problems just gets better from that first tune. One item that instantly sets The Glasses apart from other indie pop bands is that their guitar riffs are fit for power, yet they sound acoustic — or, at least, super clean electric. This element makes for an interesting twist that just heightens the group’s likability. Add to it synth-y keys on “Small Town World” and “Change Of Seasons” and you’ll come to the decision that this cannot get any better.

It’s no surprise that The Glasses has the sound of Sarah Records given the description noted above. It sounds somewhat twee-ish, a fact that is emphasized by the jangle in the guitar and the lovable, carefree tone in virtually every vocal part on Story Problems. Furthermore, few songs top three minutes — two to be exact, and those tail the album. So, with ten songs, the album is over in a shade under :30.

What may be surprising is that The Glasses are a vastly different band than they once were; If you were already familiar with the group prior to Story Problems you’ll likely detect that there’s something distinctly different going on here. That’s because what once was The Glasses is no more. Now it is simply the solo project of remaining member Will.

I, for one, cannot complain. I love the sound. I love the visual concepts behind Story Problems. And I love virtually every song on the album. Oh, and you’ll love that The Glasses have made the entire album available for free on their website. It’s well worth it.

The Glasses: Blew A Kiss [mp3]
[audio:1030_the_glasses_-_blew_a_kiss.mp3|titles=Blew A Kiss|artists=The Glasses]

The Glasses: When Moonlight Falls [mp3]
[audio:1030_the_glasses_-_when_moonlight_falls.mp3|titles=When Moonlight Falls|artists=The Glasses]

Story Problems by The Glasses

1. When Moonlight Falls
2. Confused Hair
3. Fireflies & Stars
4. Paper Airplanes
5. Psychiatrist Says
6. Strange Nature
7. Small Town World
8. Change Of Seasons
9. Shows Through My T Shirt
10. Blew A Kiss

3 thoughts on “The Glasses: Story Problems [Album Review]”

  1. I agree. This album is a great culmination for The Glasses. The music is extremely catchy, imminently hummable, and he really brought out his strengths. It also seems like the music is more focused now that Will is writing and playing just by himself.

    Warning, you will have some songs stuck in your head for days after listening.

  2. I’ll be honest I’m totally biased! But I totally agree with you Fense. Will made this album true to his love of twee and short pop songs. They are catchy and full of smart lyrics. This is my favorite album by the Glasses to date.

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