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Odonis Odonis

Odonis Odonis to release ‘Dissed And Dismissed’ April 15 on Buzz Records

Odonis Odonis

Whenever I receive something new from Odonis Odonis, I always have flashbacks to an early EP of theirs. It’s loud, post-punk styling is deep and thick. But the new releases always surprise me. They’re not overpowering. They’re not filled with the gloom and black death that I see in my head. Read More »Odonis Odonis to release ‘Dissed And Dismissed’ April 15 on Buzz Records

Snowblink [Feature]


Light folk-pop artists are nothing new, but Toronto’s Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman create something unique with their project Snowblink. The band’s new album Long Live came out last month on Fire Records, and it’s filled with warm, catchy little tunes. Many, like “Ambergris” and “The Tired Bees” begin softly and minimally before adding orchestrated instrumentation and back-up vocals mid-way through. Read More »Snowblink [Feature]

Sub Pop Signs Three New Artists


I’m not much one for putting together a news item. I prefer writing features and reviews than pushing out the latest bit of news, but with a few new signings from Sub Pop, I figured I’d do a one-part introductory list, one-part news bit. Yes, in the last week or so, Sub Pop has signed a few new bands. They are as follows: Niki And The Dove, Still Corners, and Memoryhouse. All three write hauntingly beautiful songs, some of which you can hear/see below. Read More »Sub Pop Signs Three New Artists

Foxes In Fiction [Feature]


Foxes In Fiction comes to us from Toronto, and their dreamy sounds can be likened to the projects of Bradford Cox and a drug-induced stupor. In fact, the song “15 Ativan” is said to have been written for front-man Warren Hildebrand’s friend, who overdosed on said drug. Their calming soundscapes and meditative melodies are soothing, floating just beyond lucidity. Another prime example of this is “Bathurst”, a song ripe with atmospheric, catchy vocal harmonies. Read More »Foxes In Fiction [Feature]

The Rest: John Huston [mp3]


It might feel like ages since we last heard from The Rest (way back in March). But, they actually haven’t slowed down a bit. These Toronto-based soundscape masochists have been hard at work on their forthcoming album, SEESAW, due out in early 2011. And with their sophomore release only now hitting a year old, and their brilliant Cried Wolf Book/EP being one of the biggest highlights of 2010, it’s hard to imagine what kind of beautiful madness this tremendous group has to offer us in the coming months. Read More »The Rest: John Huston [mp3]

The Rest announce “Cried Wolf” Book/EP Release & “Everyone All At Once” International Release


The Rest had a wonderful 2009. They self released their sophomore album Everyone All At Once to much critical acclaim and thus ended up on numerous “Best Of” list for the year. They sold out shows in their hometown of Toronto, Canada. They dropped another E.P., WOW, to even greater critical ass kissing awesomeness. All the while, they built a massive fan base not only in the Ontario underworld, but across the globe. And with only three and half months into the current year, the gang is already showing promise for an even more eventful 2010. Read More »The Rest announce “Cried Wolf” Book/EP Release & “Everyone All At Once” International Release

Royal City: 1999-2004 [Cover Art]


On a recent drive to Seattle from my new hometown of Mount Vernon, I picked up my iPod Touch and changed the song to Royal City’s “Bad Luck”, putting it on a one-song repeat. The song clocks 3:04 and is only the palest shade less impressive than album opener “Here Comes Success”. Both songs are absolutely stunning, blending a gritty folk-rock with freak-folk and noise. Read More »Royal City: 1999-2004 [Cover Art]

The Rest: The Lady Vanishes [Video]


Toronto’s favorite group of indie rockers The Rest have always shown a certain flare for making tunes that generate wild imagery in one’s mind. Now they have brought a new flavor of obscurity to the moving pictures (a.k.a. music videos, google “MTV in the 80’s”). Yes, they are showing off again, but they have branched off into a new zone of creativity by providing an updated soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic film “The Lady Vanishes” with their stellar track of the same name. Read More »The Rest: The Lady Vanishes [Video]

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