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The Rest announce “Cried Wolf” Book/EP Release & “Everyone All At Once” International Release


The Rest had a wonderful 2009. They self released their sophomore album Everyone All At Once to much critical acclaim and thus ended up on numerous “Best Of” list for the year. They sold out shows in their hometown of Toronto, Canada. They dropped another E.P., WOW, to even greater critical ass kissing awesomeness. All the while, they built a massive fan base not only in the Ontario underworld, but across the globe. And with only three and half months into the current year, the gang is already showing promise for an even more eventful 2010.

As a token of their appreciation for their newly found following, The Rest have developed a wonderful treat for the loyal ones. They have created an extremely clever concept EP and Digital Book entitled Cried Wolf. Read on…

Have you ever wondered what happened to the little shit that learned his lesson in the classic fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Well, songwriter Adam Bentley and his crew have had a vision of this little mutant as an adult. The result is a dark and transfixing tale that explores the drastic range of the human heart and mind.

You can download the book and EP for free from the Auteur Records website.

But all these freebies and hand me downs have to be adding to something a bit more intense, right? Correct. The Rest are pretty ecstatic, announcing Everyone All At Once shall have an international release through Something In Construction Records on March 15th. Word has it that a beautiful 180 gram vinyl version will be available, as well as digital and regular CD formats. The band has also developed a wonderful animated video for their single “Apples & Allergies” in support of this release. Details on how to get your grubby little hands on these highly anticipated releases can be all be found at the band’s Website.

The recent attention The Rest has been receiving as of lately is, to say the very least, very well deserved. Their tantalizing and charismatic style of experimental indie rock is stellar not only by much comparison, but just plain brilliant tunes no matter what angle of the vodka bottle of music you choose to look through. The Rest is that band with the that certain brand of coolness and artistic creativity that can never let you down and leave you unfulfilled.

Download: “Blossom Babies Part Tow” by The Rest
[audio:100310-rest-blossom-babies-part-two.mp3|titles=Blossom Babies Part Two|artists=The Rest]

Download: “Apples & Allergies” by The Rest
[audio:100310-rest-apples-allergies.mp3|titles=Apples & Allergies|artists=The Rest]


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