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Sub Pop Signs Three New Artists


I’m not much one for putting together a news item. I prefer writing features and reviews than pushing out the latest bit of news, but with a few new signings from Sub Pop, I figured I’d do a one-part introductory list, one-part news bit. Yes, in the last week or so, Sub Pop has signed a few new bands. They are as follows: Niki And The Dove, Still Corners, and Memoryhouse. All three write hauntingly beautiful songs, some of which you can hear/see below.

* * * * *

Niki and the Dove – Mother Protect from The Line Of Best Fit on Vimeo.

Niki And The Dove

Sub Pop announced this one last Thursday. Niki And The Dove is a duo (despite three in the video above), Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf, from Stockholm, Sweden. And if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for Swedish music. The press release states that “their songs are full of magic and light but with an unsettling darkness hidden beneath the surface.” This initially makes me think of The Knife and Wildbirds Peacedrums, but listening to “DJ Ease My Mind” (off the band’s first single) we hear more pop and less eerie beats. But like these artists, Niki And The Dove can be described as dark electronic pop. It’s not necessarily what you’d expect from Sub Pop, but it certainly does follow the label’s signature for signing great acts.

While there is no news yet as to when we can expect this band’s Sub Pop debut, the band will be hitting Seattle’s Crocodile venue on April 6.

Check out “Mother Protector” above, done for The Line Of Best Fit Sessions; the song has an experimental tinge to it that reminds me a bit of experimental psych-pop outfit Celebration. Then listen to “Winterheart” below and visit Niki And The Dove’s website to download “Winterheart” in exchange for an email address.

Listen: “Winterheart” by Niki And The Dove
[audio:110317-niki-and-the-dove-winterheart.mp3|titles=Winterheart|artists=Niki And The Dove]

* * * * *


Of the three new bands on Sub Pop’s roster, Toronto’s Memoryhouse is the one I was familiar with before receiving the news. My introduction to the band came from their cover of My Bloody Valentine’s haunting track “When You Sleep”, and the plan was to post this video of them playing the song. That song caused one YouTube user to comment:

“Once in awhile, there’s a song that makes me lonely because I feel that no one else seems to hear it like I do, but it’s not a bad thing. Part of me wants to talk about it with someone else, but at the same time I want to grasp onto it as if the song was written for me.”

But then I discovered “Lately”, which loops that beautiful melody from Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of my all-time favorite movies. I get that same reaction with this song. And I am extremely excited to hear what this band has in store for Sub Pop; they say it may be ready as early as end-of-year 2011.

Download: “Lately (Troisieme)” by Memoryhouse
[audio:110317-memoryhouse-lately-troisieme.mp3|titles=Lately (Troisieme)|artists=Memoryhouse]

* * * * *

Still Corners

Like the previous two bands, Still Corners creates colorful, haunting pop music that is soft and eerily pleasant. Where Niki And The Dove drops in electronic elements and Memoryhouse employs the use of loops, Still Corners’ music is more along the lines of bedroom pop. At least, that’s the impression we get with their song “Wish”, the video for which you can see above. The London-based band includes five members, fronted by the whispery vocals of Tessa Murray. Sub Pop says they’re hoping to have the band’s sophomore release ready by summer. Let’s hope so!

Watch “Wish” above and check out “Endless Summer”, one of Still Corners’ two 2010 singles, below.

The above image is of Still Corners.

Download: “Endless Summer” by Still Corners
[audio:110317-still-corners-endless-summer.mp3|titles=Endless Summer|artists=Still Corners]

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