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Robin Grey: The Nearest Door (Album Review)

London’s finest breath of fresh air has returned to us once again.  And on his third outing, The Nearest Door, the lovely Robin Grey gets even more personal than we have heard in the past.  He has many a tale and lament to tell and confess.  With his distinctively English vocals, and beautiful interpretations of earth, sea, and love, this folk hero soars to his greatest heights even succeeding beyond his sophomore release Strangers With Shoes.  Which I will admit, seemed to be impossible. Read More »Robin Grey: The Nearest Door (Album Review)

Male Bonding: Bones (mp3)

Male Bonding 11 (2011)

Woah. Did Male Bonding tame a bit since Nothing Hurts? That was only a year ago, yet this sound doesn’t seem nearly as ferocious and feral as the noise-based rock from their 2010 Sub Pop debut. Listen to “Bones”, off the band’s new LP Endless Now out this coming August, next to last year’s Year’s Not Long and you’d think five years of maturity separated the two. Read More »Male Bonding: Bones (mp3)

Fair Ohs: Everything Is Dancing (Video)


Oh Fair Ohs, how I love your name. Started a few years back from three dudes in East London, Fair Ohs began under a different moniker and with what I’d assume to be a different sound (I haven’t heard it, but it was described in the press release as “raucous hardcore”). They thankfully settled on the name Fair Ohs and have donned a sound that hints of lo-fi garage rock with hints of a foreign beach. Read More »Fair Ohs: Everything Is Dancing (Video)

Francois Peglau: The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau [Album Review]


It’s a little difficult to pinpoint the origins of Francois Peglau’s music. It’s pop, but from a cultural standpoint there are a number of influences. The most noticeable being French, you can also hear a little of Peglau’s South American heritage in his music. There’s also a strong hint of his current British home (perhaps inject a light Beatles reference). Read More »Francois Peglau: The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau [Album Review]

Sub Pop Signs Three New Artists


I’m not much one for putting together a news item. I prefer writing features and reviews than pushing out the latest bit of news, but with a few new signings from Sub Pop, I figured I’d do a one-part introductory list, one-part news bit. Yes, in the last week or so, Sub Pop has signed a few new bands. They are as follows: Niki And The Dove, Still Corners, and Memoryhouse. All three write hauntingly beautiful songs, some of which you can hear/see below. Read More »Sub Pop Signs Three New Artists

King Charles [Feature]

  • Cyndi 


It’s so refreshing to hear songs that sound like nothing we’ve ever heard before. Songs that melt together so many different elements in rhythm and progression we don’t even know how to classify them, the closest description being something akin to classic English psychedelic folk pop. Read More »King Charles [Feature]

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