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Still Corners: Berlin Lovers MP3

Still Corners Band

Still Corners Band

Last October, we received a taste of London band Still Corners‘ follow-up to their 2011 debut, Creatures of an Hour, with a new single called “Fireflies”. The song was the first to be released from the band’s forthcoming 2013 sophomore LP Strange Pleasures. We now have “Berlin Lovers”, the second taste.

In my review of “Fireflies”, I noted:

Taking notes from electro-pop bands like Purity Ring, Still Corners add some heavier beats… (yet) Still Corners maintains their cinematic dream-pop sensibilities, expanding with fuller somewhat electronic percussive beats and less moody vocals.

Listening to “Berlin Lovers”, this effect is heightened still with a Euro dance-like synth beat, chill percussion and vocalist Tessa Murray’s wispy, surreal vocals. The song maintains the haunting nature Still Corners excels at creating. It’s foggy, dark and slightly moody.

I had few complaints about Creatures of an Hour:

In a way, you can liken lone singles like “Endless Summer” and “Cuckoo” to the first time you heard “Norway” off Beach House’s Teen Dream. Pretty damn good, but not as good as it is when you stack it up against the album in its entirety. Creatures of an Hour follows the exact same path; it takes only a single listen to the full album to have that “ah-ha!” moment.

Teen Dream was my #1 album of 2010, so the comparison is quite the compliment. To compare “Berlin Lovers” to Still Corners’ debut, the song is on par with that album’s high points, perhaps even topping them. The direction is different, but that’s a good thing. It makes the anticipation for Strange Pleasures all the more exciting.

Strange Pleasures drops via Sub Pop on May 7. Stream “Berlin Lovers” below, or download it for the price of an email address. Above photo by Chona Kasinger.

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