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Still Corners: Fireflies MP3

Still Corners

Taking notes from electro-pop bands like Purity Ring, Still Corners add some heavier beats in their new song “Fireflies”. However, songwriter Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray don’t stray too far from their origins off Creatures of an Hour.

“Fireflies” is the first new single to come from the band since the release of Creatures last October, and while I have seen some mixed feelings on the song, I think it’s a very positive step forward for the young band.

Still Corners maintains their cinematic dream-pop sensibilities, expanding with fuller somewhat electronic percussive beats and less moody vocals. It may catch fans of their debut off guard (upon my first listen, I too was startled), but it’s a grower.

“Fireflies” will be released on seven inches of wax by Sub Pop sometime soon and we can expect a follow-up LP to their debut in Spring.

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