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Still Corners: Creatures of an Hour (Album Review)

Still Corners

First hearing “Endless Summer” a few months back, it may have been slightly difficult to understand what Sub Pop saw in their new signee, Still Corners. Granted, the song is very good, but it alone fails to demonstrate the sheer power this band holds. That power is conveyed throughout Still Corners’ debut Sub Pop LP, Creatures of an Hour.

“Dreamy psychedelic bedroom pop” is a fairly good description of what you’ll hear on this album, but it pales in comparison to what will blow your mind when the headphones envelop your very being. First singles “Cuckoo” and “Endless Summer” are wispy tracks, uncanny and mesmerizing. Stack them next to the hazy organ and synth notes in “Circulars” and (personal favorites) “Velveteen” and “I Wrote In Blood”, and they’ll tailspin you into a Linklater-like dream world.

In a way, you can liken lone singles like “Endless Summer” and “Cuckoo” to the first time you heard “Norway” off Beach House’s Teen Dream. Pretty damn good, but not as good as it is when you stack it up against the album in its entirety. Creatures of an Hour follows the exact same path; it takes only a single listen to the full album to have that “ah-ha!” moment.

And from there, it’s all love.

Download: “Into The Trees” by Still Corners
[audio:110930-still-corners-into-the-trees.mp3|titles=Into The Trees|artists=Still Corners]

Sub Pop [CD, 2011]

1. Cuckoo
2. Circulars
3. Endless Summer
4. Into The Trees
5. The White Season
6. I Wrote In Blood
7. The Twilight Hour
8. Velveteen
9. Demons
10. Submarine

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