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The Rest: John Huston [mp3]


It might feel like ages since we last heard from The Rest (way back in March). But, they actually haven’t slowed down a bit. These Toronto-based soundscape masochists have been hard at work on their forthcoming album, SEESAW, due out in early 2011. And with their sophomore release only now hitting a year old, and their brilliant Cried Wolf Book/EP being one of the biggest highlights of 2010, it’s hard to imagine what kind of beautiful madness this tremendous group has to offer us in the coming months.

If their leadoff single “John Huston” is an example of what SEESAW will bring us, then hot damn we are in for a treat! This profound ode to one of the most famous filmmakers of all time is likely to be the finest work The Rest has ever produced. Their style hasn’t changed much, which is excellent, but they seem to have expanded on their signature spaced out style of indie rock, and threw in a bit of bedroom pop into the mix to create a sultry and rhythmic sound that screams with a great sense of modernized improvement.

Yes, “John Huston” is only one track, which should most definitely inspire us to know that SEESAW deserves the right to be highly anticipated, and will very likely be one of the best albums of the coming year. Sure this might be a bit of pressure on The Rest. But, given their excellent track record, I’m sure they’re up to the challenge.

Download: “John Huston” by The Rest
[audio:101013-rest-john-huston.mp3|titles=John Huston|artists=The Rest]

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