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The Rest: John Huston [mp3]


It might feel like ages since we last heard from The Rest (way back in March). But, they actually haven’t slowed down a bit. These Toronto-based soundscape masochists have been hard at work on their forthcoming album, SEESAW, due out in early 2011. And with their sophomore release only now hitting a year old, and their brilliant Cried Wolf Book/EP being one of the biggest highlights of 2010, it’s hard to imagine what kind of beautiful madness this tremendous group has to offer us in the coming months. Read More »The Rest: John Huston [mp3]

The Rest: The Lady Vanishes [Video]


Toronto’s favorite group of indie rockers The Rest have always shown a certain flare for making tunes that generate wild imagery in one’s mind. Now they have brought a new flavor of obscurity to the moving pictures (a.k.a. music videos, google “MTV in the 80’s”). Yes, they are showing off again, but they have branched off into a new zone of creativity by providing an updated soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic film “The Lady Vanishes” with their stellar track of the same name. Read More »The Rest: The Lady Vanishes [Video]

The Rest: Everyone All At Once [Album Review]

The Rest

There is no telling what emotions The Rest might conjure up when you hear their brilliant sophomore release Everyone All At Once. This is an indie-rock rock-symphony for our time. The band has worked long and hard to create an atmosphere derived solely from their heart’s ambition. As well as pulling influence from nature and booze. But, aren’t most great works inspired in such ways? Read More »The Rest: Everyone All At Once [Album Review]

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