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Poland: Your Sunday Book [Video]

poland band

Seattle indie pop gurus Poland are back with a new album on Series II Records called Please Interstellar Policeman. Like locals Math & Physics Club, the band writes twee-like pop songs fit for swanky lounges and your old-time elevator. It is along these lines (and from this album) that we receive “Your Sunday Book”, a catchy pop song and a colorful video. Paper airplanes and simple but artsy city backdrops on paper and computer art, this multi-media video fits well with the music of Poland. Read More »Poland: Your Sunday Book [Video]

Paper City: City Of The Future [Video]


Super poppy lo-fi music often comes with a twee label; but even within a highly niche subgenre such as this, there are stark differences that can set one band apart from the rest of the herd. Sometimes that trait is a subtle one, just underneath the layers of standard genre-specific sensibilities. So it is with Paper City, whose Long Beach home brings forth imagery of palm trees, Mexico, and an intense longing for polka-dots and mojitos. Read More »Paper City: City Of The Future [Video]

My Autumn Sons: Save Me [Video]


Such a simple concept, this video for My Autumn Sons‘ “Save Me”. Filtered through some sort of pop art thermal thingy, or something along those lines, the video merely follows a few kids as they walk down the street, showing off for the camera and doing what little boys do. My Autumn Sons is my lastest find from Series II Records, who released their album Perfect earlier this year. Read More »My Autumn Sons: Save Me [Video]

Chuck Morgan: This Spring Is [Video]


“This Spring Is” by Gothenburg’s Chuck Morgan is a simple acoustic song with hidden complexities. Morgan is good at creating plain pop melodies and weaving in various experimental pop elements behind the common singer/songwriter acoustic plus vocals make-up. Locked on a balcony, this video finds Morgan mulling over a favorite season. The cinematography is a play on focus and the purposeful instability in the camera merely heightens the video’s creativity. Read More »Chuck Morgan: This Spring Is [Video]

Electric Needle Room: Safe, Effective, and Fun [Album Review]

Electric Needle Room

Over in the eastern region of Nebraska, obscurity has risen and is growing faster than the corn surrounding Omaha. Oberst is God, not Cobain. Saddle Creek, not Sub Pop, infatuates it’s residents. Yes, this the Midwest haven as well as (one of) the birthplace(s) of indie rock (minus King Elliot). And Electric Needle Room‘s Safe, Effective, and Fun embodies some of that eternal spirit from the land locked village full of talent they call home. Read More »Electric Needle Room: Safe, Effective, and Fun [Album Review]

Tafra: Why Even Bother [Album Review]


In my review yesterday of Tafra‘s “Oh Daniel” music video, I mentioned the artist had the sound of SKWBN. For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym, that’s Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, a Swedish duo. But then again it’s no surprise as the story goes like this: Niklas Tafra was supposed to play bass for SKWBN at the I’m From Bräke-Hoby festival but forgot to wake up that morning. Any guess as to the reason behind closing track “I’m Sorry Bräke-Hoby”? Read More »Tafra: Why Even Bother [Album Review]

Johan Cederberg

Johan Cederberg: Selected Recordings 2004-2006

Stockholm, Sweden’s Johan Cederberg crafts mellow electro-pop melodies. The majority of songs, like “Near – On” and “The Shape Of Things To Come”, are simply good pop tunes, while others delve into a lo-fi experimentation, as found in “Moonmonths”. Both styles feature clever cuts and loops throughout complex and intricate piecing together of tracks for songs that have extensive breadth.

Read More »Johan Cederberg: Selected Recordings 2004-2006
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